Thursday, April 18, 2013


At the Bean Plant With Duke
Yep-That’s a not too good of a picture of me. Wow - its really a terrible picture!  I’m better looking in person.  My photo is superimposed onto a preprinted background and was done by a photo machine in the museum at the Bush Bean Plant located in Chestnut Hills, TN.  The Bush museum is fantastic and a first class act.  I walked in and was cheerfully greeted by two ladies who were cordial and pleasant to talk to.  They directed me to a movie room where a movie depicting a plant tour was about to begin.  Part of the tour is explained by Duke, a talking dog.  Actually some animation was applied to Duke that made him appear to be talking.  It was really neat and interesting.  Duke is a golden retriever too.  A couple shots of the Bush Bean plant are below.  This place is enormous and I only took a few token pictures to give the idea of the cleanliness and beauty of the operation and location.001
The shot above shows the Bush museum and restaurant.  It’s a class act all round.
I should digress a bit.  The day was gorgeous but very windy and any attempt to get on the water would be folly.  I met up with my friend Bob and we just drifted across Route 92 South which runs past the Bush Bean Plant.  So, why not stop in there and look around.  Bob drives a great looking Ducati and I have my KLR Kawasaki.  We were just fooling around driving to wherever.
There isn’t much left in this part of Tennessee that is rustic.  There are only a couple of major roads leading North and South with a lot of population on both sides.  Two lanes turn to four and back to two and continue on this way clear to Greenville, which is a nightmare filled with people, businesses and a mix of old and new houses.  It was boring and grew sickening.  Nothing but traffic.  There are no national or state forests and therefore there are no scenic, rustic areas of interest.  It’s a shame what East Tennessee has become in this area.  Things change as one  moves closer to Blowing Rock and the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We became really upset with all the traffic, noise, people and idiots and headed back South to home.  This is why I always head back West where I used to live adjacent to the Cherokee National Forest where everything is rustic and private property ends at the edge of the forest. We did find a very narrow, back country road that took us through some real Tennessee countryside with real rural Tennessee communities.  One rural business caught my eye as I went past.
I went home.
I pulled weeds that were growing near my newly planted roses and bushes and gave them all a drink.  Every plant is going crazy – growing wildly.  My goal is to create a natural barrier fence or fort totally around the property.  I have planted Thuja pines which are fast growing and will reach a height of 60 feet.  They will grow sideways and eventually touch each other creating a natural hedge.  The six butterfly bushes also will eventually grow together with a hedge like effect.  If that isn’t enough I installed forsythia bushes between each of all the aforementioned plants.  I planted eight climbing rose bushes in close proximity to each other with clematis between the bushes.  All this will help create a colorful barrier against the outside.  Can’t wait to be totally isolated from the world.
Well now – I did a mass upload of some plants on the property and I got the layout above.  We’ll see what happens.  I’ll stop this entry here.  It’s different, I know.  It’s my meager attempt to further bore you.  By the way – the forsythia and the vines came from Scona Lodge.