Thursday, April 4, 2013


It took me the better part of this day to figure out, or I should say, to find a way that “works” to make a slide show with music that is acceptable to post on the blog.  It also goes to U Tube.  The U Tube is the place to view it full screen.  A little sharpness is lost to the images do the auto enlargement of the shots by U Tube but they look great.   I had to incorporate parts of three different photo programs to do this little project.  The music, Last of the Mohican's, gets a bit lengthy and tiresome but, I figured how to correct that issue long after I made the show.  It's a first attempt.  Got it figured though. Rain fell all day and it was really cold so I didn’t mind working on this.  Of course, I haven’t posted it yet.  I’m about to hit the upload button as soon as I put the period on this sentence.  Oh - Click on the u tube box on the bottom of the video TV square to view full screen.