Monday, June 10, 2013


4:30 AM saw heavy rain falling.  I put a pan of water on the stove to boil for coffee and went up stairs to dress for the day.  The girls, dogs, were still sleeping in the same places they were in when I got up.  The binoculars, camera, work clip board hat and sun glasses were taken out to the truck while the water was almost ready for coffee.  The trip to the truck and back almost soaked all my clothing.  I'd better grab a dry shirt.  A check on the water found it to be boiling and I poured it over the coffee basket that held the Food City coffee.  Only the best!  When I went back upstairs to change into a dry shirt - I only saw two dogs.  Happy and Chestnut were snoring away on the bed.  Shade probably made a quick run through the dog door in the basement to the outside.  Well, that was it.  I was ready to head out.  Hopefully, the rain would abate by the time I drove the half hour to the lake.  I have no lights outside and it was pitch black with the rain still falling hard.  My hand fell onto the passenger door handle when I saw a movement on the ground.  It was Shade.  She came through the front door when I went to the truck earlier. I left it open.  Here she sat beside the truck door in the pouring rain, un-moving for at least fifteen minutes waiting for me to come back to let her in the truck.  The desire she showed to be with me this morning crushed my heart.  I stooped down and put my arms around her soaked fur and squeezed her tight.  So, why did I change out of the other wet shirt?  I opened the door to let my partner jump onto the front seat.  When I got in the other side she sidled over beside me and laid her head against my chest.  I felt humbled by this display of dedication and affection from her.

And there are people who chain their dogs to a run down, filthy dog house and rarely, if ever, spend more than a moments time with them.  I wonder why they think their dog is happy and contented.  Can they really believe that?  The dog, with spirit and heart broken, still meets his keeper with excitement on those few occasions he has the opportunity to gain his keeper's attention.  And as he watches his human walk away from him, chain still attached, his head bows as he slouches into his pen, his spirit plummets and his heart breaks again.   And he's once again alone.