Monday, June 17, 2013


The day was very overcast and the threat of rain lingered all morning.  I couldn't get a shutter speed much over 1/30th of a second so I just left the camera in the Pelican Box beside the boat's seat.  I ran the boat around the river in the opposite direction just to do something different.  The end result would be the same as far as the job goes.  I did  attempt to shoot a bit of scenery here and there as pretty images presented themselves.  
The ultra slow shutter speeds were a challenge to deal with even on still scenic shots. Just have to deal with it as I only carry the 150 - 300 mm lens with me.  The shots came out a bit darker than normal, but I kind of liked them.  Many were deleted from the camera as camera shake ruined them.  I passed on a couple of deer pictures as the animals were both deep in the shade under trees.  There wasn't any sense in even picking up the camera.

Vines often grow down over a tree limb that hangs close to the ground surrounding it in a cocoon of green.  They are very pretty, but deadly to the tree.

The ride downstream took me past the eagles mountain and the new youngster was out on his tall snag surveying the lake and trying to decide whether to leave home.

Those shots are 1/30th of a second hand held.  That's nuts!  I should have just let it go, but what the heck?  I probably should not have posted those eagle pictures.
A little black duck was swimming from center stream toward the grasses on the shoreline.  I'm stumped on identification.  I have never seen a wood duck baby, but the eyes on this duck sure shout wood duck.  If anyone can ID this little fella I appreciate it if you put it in the comments block at the end of the post.  Thanks.

He's heading straight for the dense river grass.  That grass is what makes this river so rich in wildlife.

He's not the only one who hides in the grass.  Can you see him below?
That goose has babies in there with it.  Geese don't usually hide out like that unless they have babies with them.  She blasted out of there to get me to chase here and lead me away from the hide-out and her chicks.  
There is no way I could stop motion on the above shot.  I'm surprised it came out so well.
A pair of geese were swimming across the lake and I was headed for an interception with them.  They panicked because they had chicks and their defense mechanism kicked into over drive.  Both adults spashed around and flapped their wings as they moved away from their chicks in an attempt to get me, the predator, to give chase.
 As the parents splashed away from the chicks - the young birds paddled as fast as they could to keep up and finally just went in all directions.  They were far from shore and had no place to hide.  They all gathered on the opposite side of the river and hid in the grass after I got by them.

They are so funny!  They have nothing to fear from me.  Nothing at all.

An immature black crowned night heron is still hunting.  I see them daily now due to the very dark mornings.  It the sun is bright they will be perched in the dense foliage.
A group of cormorants were lounging on a log and there was one that was cream colored on his body.  I'm not sure what that's all about.  He might be a very young bird.
I had been on the water 6 hours now and I felt it time to call it a morning.  it would take me a half hour to get the boat ready on the trailer to haul out and another hour and a half drive home.  The sky looks like it's ready to burst, but it's holding back.
The trees on goose island are arcing all the way over and touching the tree tops of the shore trees.  The wind blows against them and has created that permanent curvature.  It's really pretty.

These shots are of areas that I visualized my mental picture frame.  There's always something to photograph out here - if the sun cooperates.
The heron has his eye on a fish and is ready to strike.  There's no sense in me waiting for the grab.  It would be a blurred shot at best.  He's standing in a really pretty spot and I like the pose.  Click!
These shots were all taken with the 150 - 500 mm lens and it's the absolute incorrect lens for this kind of shooting.  I'm surprised that the shots came out as good as they did.  Anyway - the day is recorded and I'm ready to leave.  Rain is moving in tonight and lasting for the next couple days with heavy rain tomorrow.  Can't wait!
One last thing.  When I went home and opened the door to the living room of the house, the girls blasted out past me (unusual) and ran straight to the edge of the yard and stopped.  Shade darted forward and jumped back.  Then Happy did the same.  I thought snake.  Oh no!  I ran over and look at what they found.

The dogs didn't know what to think and stayed back.  They would sneak in slowly for a sniff, however.  That is dangerous.  This is  snapping turtle and they have no patience with pesky dogs.  If that guy could latch onto a leg he would never let go.  He'd hold on all day.  The really odd thing about this turtle is that I live on a hill and there's no ponds or streams anywhere.  He is a swamp/river animal.  So, what's he doing way up here?  Secondly - how in the world did those dogs know he was there.  They ran directly to him and stopped.  How do they do that?  Shade does it with turkeys all the time.  She'll lift her head and run to the window and growl.  I'll look out and a turkey will be crossing the yard.  No noise at all.  How's she know?  But, a turtle!!!  How in the world can the dogs have any idea that thing was out there?   Amazing!  Oh well, it's late.  I'll see what I can dig up tomorrow, if anything.  Rain sort of puts the skids on the photography.  I need a break anyhow.  See ya.