Friday, June 21, 2013


Last night I was excited about getting the Gheenoe on Douglas lake to search for green herons and this morning I could have cared less, but followed through with the plan.  It's just that Douglas Lake holds absolutely no attraction for me whatsoever.  Cherokee Lake is dicing with Douglas for lead in that opinion.
I went straight for the cove I call Heron Cove.  This is where I saw all the green herons last year.  The engine was kicked off and the electric motor was dropped.   I spent the entire morning here in this little recess on Douglas Lake.  The cove was full of swallows and I did see two green herons while here.  The large concentration of birds from last year were not here now.  I was impressed with the display of mimosa tree flowers and also the many trumpet creepers that lined the shoreline.

The view toward the back of the cove was outstanding.  This may be the prettiest place on this mud hole.

I used the electric motor to pull the Gheenoe down between those two trees you see in the shot above.  The boat sat right in that little narrow waterway you see.
I have no idea what the feathers in the board are about.  Strange.

The colors on the flowers jumped out at me.  They will be short lived, but they are impressive now.  I like the fire red flowers too.  They will be out soon, and the cardinal flowers are also gorgeous.

I was just sitting there on the boat waiting for something to show and shot pictures of little birds I saw just to keep in practice.  The light was too low to stop wings.  The little bird above and below was springing into the air to grab moths that flew by.  As I said, the light would not allow for fast shutter speeds so I didn't even bother to try and get that action.

I knelt down on the deck and a loud crashing splash occurred behind me.  I turned around to see the ripples spread across the water.
It had to be a beaver.  It was a beaver.
I guess I startled him when I moved on the boat.  He came up behind me and I had no idea he or any other beavers were back here.  I didn't even know they were on Douglas Lake.
I only took a couple shot of him as I have great pictures of beavers already from the Holston.  Those pictures are a tough act to follow.
Tree swallows were everywhere.  I enjoy these little acrobats as they twist and turn, dive and recover as they chase insects on the wing.  They are interesting to watch when they are at rest too.

He passed by the boat one more time and I couldn't resist.
No green herons.  I couldn't believe it.  I'd give it another half hour and head on in.  I missed the dogs anyhow.  Speaking of dogs - I was thinking how they will act if I'm away for over a week.  I'm really concerned about Shade.  She is physically attached to me at all times and will not leave my side - ever.  I believe it would be traumatic for her if I wasn't there to give her hugs and to take her in the truck with me.  She's never spent a night without me being with her.  The situation with Shade, and the others, makes me rethink going on the trip North to Pennsylvania next weekend.  I have to go though.  It's time I get back to PA. to visit with friends and to spend time with my cousin who had a heart attack a couple months ago.  If Shade stops eating or lays watching the door - the person dog sitting for me will call me and I'll instantly return.  Shade, Happy and Chestnut are the most important things in my life and I'll not let them down or knowingly cause them strife.  I thought of renting a car and taking Shade with me.  No, I'll take the bike.  I spent enough time servicing it and doing some special carburetor work this week.  Well - you can now see how I feel about my dogs.  

Nothing great today.  Just a lazy, hot day.  I may pull the canoe out tomorrow afternoon and go to the flood plain.  I intend to take the girls over to the state park early in the morning when it's cool.  We'll see how it all works out.  See ya.