Monday, June 3, 2013


I thought I'd take a moment and straighten out a misconception that history has recorded inaccurately.  This idea that storks used to deliver babies in this country back in the forties and fifties is all wrong.  It is true that the United States was engaged in a bit of warfare and manpower was limited for social use.  Storks had been delivering babies in Europe - actually Holland as far back as 1939 and the activity expanded to Sweden and Belgium by the early forties.   Uncle Sam hired the European based company that called itself Flying "Beakon" in 1943 to carry the countries babies during the war.  A reliable delivery system did not exist in this country at the time due to the application of resources to the war effort.  The Flying Beakon, however, gained headlines when massive corruption blanketed the company driving it out of business. Bids for the baby delivery contract for the country were submitted and a little known company named Heronotics won the contract.
Great blue herons delivered the babies throughout the United States reliably until the end of WWII.  Finally, in 1947, continuous labor disputes drove Heronotics Corporation out of business and the returning servicemen took over the responsibility of delivering babies for the country.

A thankful nation offered all the lakes, streams and ponds in the country to the great blue heron as forever home-sites for their selflessness and undying dedication to duty to a nation at war.  So, there you have the rest of the story.
This was one of those mornings where I couldn't tell if it was going to storm or not.  The sky was difficult to read.  The weatherman more difficult.  We, Shade and I, were on Cherokee Lake this morning.  Monday is always an off day around here for fishing as everyone burns out on the activity on the weekend - I think.
I always try to take Shade along on Mondays, especially on the big water, as the hours pass slowly without her company.  There are very few fishermen on the lake and I have to drone along constantly to cover the big, spacious areas of water.  It's wonderful out here for sure, but there are few critters to hold my interest on this lake.
The scenery is indeed beautiful, as long as the lake is full of water.  There are some neat birds who live here, but the unique sightings are rare.  Rivers rule for wildlife sightings.
I couldn't mistake that profile.

He had yellow clay on his white plumage.  The old boy must have gotten into a scuffle with a critter who didn't want to be eagle breakfast.  There is brown clay colored stain on his face, neck and tail feathers.  I would like to have seen that little brawl.

He jumped off that tall snag and landed in a tree along the island shoreline.

If you have never seen a bald eagle first hand - you need to go find one to observe.  It's mandatory.  You will actually feel physical sensations in your stomach that you never felt.  They are dynamic, to say the least!

 You can see the clay colored stain on his neck and tail feathers.

Wow - What a feeling to be in there presence!  I'll never get used to it.
Shade - you're so sweet and dedicated, even if you do have a deformed right ear.  Now, get up on the point and look for logs floating around.
I spotted a little group of mallard ducks over along the shore of an island.  The area was very dark and shaded and I tried my best to get the best possible photos.  Their coloration was very vibrant.  The males appeared to have rich, blue plumage on their heads.

A few of the elegant ones were out today.  These great egrets are the royalty of the wading birds here in Tennessee.

Shortly after these shots I got a reminder of why I won't camp on these reservoirs.
We stopped for a peanut butter break and to let Shade wander around a bit.

People are disgusting.  Many of them have no respect for the beauty of the wild places.  There are many who are respectful and appreciate the natural places, but until all are respectful there is no hope.  I would like to see a "no camping" law enacted applying to all these islands.  Then the slobs would be the first ones to squawk about taking away their pleasures.  Big deal.  Go to the bars and restaurants in the city where ya belong and stop screwing up the wild places for those who appreciate the wonders of nature.  I couldn't even eat a peanut butter sandwich without seeing this garbage dump in front of me.  I did find one spec of beauty.
I guess the considerate campers left a sleeping bag in a tree for the next slobs who visit this island.
Can you believe it - a damn sleeping bag stuck up in a tree.  What morons!  Absolutely unbelievable! 
Come on Shade - bring in the stick and lets get the #$% out of  this dump.

The rain never came and the temperatures stayed really nice for Shade.  I enjoyed her company this morning and she enjoyed getting away from the house.  She's a joy to be around.
Tomorrow I'll be back on the river in the morning and I can't wait.  That river is like a vacation.  Actually it's a vacation from the usual, normal vacation I live.  Whatever!!!