Wednesday, August 28, 2013


You read it right.  I actually did some fishing today on the river.  I did a slow run up and back down the river looking for wildlife and finding very little wildlife to photograph, decided to do some fishing.  I did find a few wild friends to chase, however.
This was going to be sort of an osprey kind of day as there was a pair of them hanging out together in the trees close to the water.  One of them had a fish in his talons but, I couldn't approach close enough to get a good picture.  Actually, I couldn't get anywhere near either of them.  These ospreys up here on the Holston are a jumpy lot.  If you look closely you'll see that he is holding a fish with his right foot.
It seems that ospreys can't ever just gently glide off their perches.  They always make a grand production of the leap into space.  They approach life with vigor, which is what you'd expect from an aristocratic raptor.
The second osprey hesitated just long enough for me to get a couple shots off before he also departed his perch on a limb.

These are larger birds than I normally see.  I wonder if it's an age thing.
 And yet another one.

It was right about here that I decided to do a little fishing.  But, not before photographing one more bird celebrity.

 He's a belted kingfisher.

I fished for about three hours for bluegills.  I know I caught over a hundred of them.  Don't worry - I pinched the barb down on the hook so they could be released very easily.  I was catching them in such numbers that I became bored with the affair and switched back to photography.  I decided to beach the Gheenoe and just sit around for awhile to see if some warblers would appear.  As it turns out, they didn't.

Wow - time was flying.  I kept active the entire time on the water either photographing things or fishing.  Where'd the day go?  This has been one of the best days I ever spent on the water.
The wind was picking up for some reason and it was getting difficult to hold the camera steady.  It is 4PM and I started to work my way back to the boat ramp.  I can't believe how fast time flew by.
 I saw an immature black crowned night heron picking around in a little opening in the grass.  I know how much you folks like to see them so I photographed him.

A red tail hawk landed perfectly in a tree beside me.  Perfectly is subjective as he made sure to be back lighted with white sky.
And, an osprey landed near by just after I photographed the hawk.  He too made sure he had the white sky behind him.  I know Dick - I'll check out the yellow filter.

Oh well - it was a nice day on the river.  It's always a nice day.  Guess where I'll be tomorrow morning.  That's right.  I'll be back up here.  Love it.  See ya.