Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The day opened up with a gorgeous sky but,  turned ominous within two hours.  The potential was present for a wild morning on the water. 

Looks like it's coming.  I don't care.  I like it!
The morning light was bright where took the shot above from.  It's really odd to look downstream and see darkness closing in, and yet drive upstream in sunlight.  
There wasn't even one critter on the lake.  They all know a storm is coming.  They're smart and seek shelter.  So, what's that say about me?  The sky was getting really dark over to my left also.
There were very few birds anywhere.  No doubt they were perched in close to the base of tree branches and deep inside the thickest river grasses.  I did see one kingfisher out on a limb.  I would be passing right by him at a distance.  He was a bit far away to photograph but, what the heck.

Now, aren't you glad you looked at each and every picture of that fantastic, noble bird?
That storm appears to have stalled.  It's just sitting there going nowhere.  
I looked at the beaver lodge at the mouth of Big Creek and the lodge was surrounded by flowers.  Wow!  
Wow!  How pretty is that?
I wonder if those flowers would grow in my yard.  I'll have to investigate their need to be beside water.  They are gorgeous!

The storm seemed to get a little closer.  I need to blast down to the steam plant at the over fall dam and then I'll be done.  I'm getting on and off drizzle now and it looks like the rain is here.  And, it is.

I took a parting shot at a particularly beautiful piece of shoreline that I'd like to camp on someday and made the cut onto Beech Creek and the boat ramp.  It was raining in earnest now and to tell you the truth - it felt good and everything smelled fresh and sweet.  It doesn't get any better than this.  See ya later.