Sunday, August 18, 2013


It was sprinkling rain when I left for the lake this morning and I didn't even take the big camera.  Between the coming rain, overcast skies and the historically animal sterile shorelines of Cherokee, it just didn't seem worth worrying about photography.  Cherokee Lake does have pretty shorelines when the water is at normal level.  A pretty shoreline makes me cut the throttle back a notch and creates a distraction to things that are on my mind.  In this morning's case it was the usual malady that plagues me - idiot drivers.  So, here are a few pretty views that I passed this morning on Cherokee.  Comments aren't necessary.  NOTE:  There are two photos that have turkeys in them.  I never saw them when I took the pictures, but noticed them when I downloaded the shots into the computer.  Can you find them?

Oh no - now they start.  I'm outa here!  This will undo any soft, easy feelings caused by the pretty shorelines.