Thursday, November 28, 2013


Don't forget to give thanks this Thanksgiving for being given the privilege of having these beautiful birds fly over and stop in our state long enough for us all to view and photograph their elegance.  And, it is indeed a privilege to see this representative of what's left of Tennessee's wild place.  To see them fly overhead and to hear their voices in chorus instigates chills and causes one's mouth to drop in awe at their sight, magnificent in flight, stirring one's imagination of a bygone era when the country was young.. 

Therefore we should kill them, as we are doing today, the first day of Tennessee's first sandhill crane hunt.  Today cranes will fall from the sky, wings collapsed and blood on their feathers.  Why do we kill the things we love?

 Please keep them in your thoughts and continue the struggle for their removal from the hunting list.  Something in the wild world needs to be held sacred.  Something....