Tuesday, November 26, 2013


The rain fell hard all last night and continued without let-up throughout today.  I headed for the lake this morning knowing there wouldn't be any fishermen out today.  But, my job isn't to second guess.  My job is to lay eyes on the actual water.  People gazed in disbelief  as they drove past my truck pulling the boat on the interstate.  I was beginning to feel self conscious.  I suspect it did look odd.  I saw not one other truck with a boat on the highway or on any boat ramp parking lot the entire distance to the river which is 60 miles one way.  As you can see below, people were lined up in droves to launch their fishing boats.
The rain's intensity increased the closer I got to the river.  It was really coming down in torrents.  A cottony fog was gathering along the edges of the meadows where they inclined in elevation up the hills and mountain sides.
For some reason I really like foul weather.  I can't put my finger on it but, it's exciting and creates drama.
The rain wasn't going to quit.  Maybe the forecasters got it right for a change.  I had to photograph the complimentary white tail for this entry.  
 It's deer season now but, these guys are on private property and are not displaying fear.  They better stay on this "no hunting"  farm if they know what's good for them.

I pulled into the Beech Creek boat ramp parking lot and tossed the boat in the water. This all is pretty but miserable at the same time.  It was really raining hard.  I wanted to make one pass around the river to say I looked at it and then back here to wait in the truck to see if anyone would show up to fish.  As it turned out - no one came.
Beech Creek took on a foreboding look of solitude and coldness today due to the beating it was taking by the torrents of falling water.  I watched some ducks, grebes and coots fishing while in the parking lot.  Empty tummies don't wait for fair weather to be filled.
Grebes are such small birds to catch and eat such large fish.  Look closely and you'll see that he has a fish in his bill.  The rain is falling so hard it almost destroys the image with a veil of water.

I hung out there for a few hours and moved on down the road to other boat ramps on Cherokee to gather lake data for some reports that were due.  The rain is to continue through tonight and tomorrow with temperatures in the low thirties tomorrow.  It's gonna be a cold, cold next couple days for Tennessee and a lot of "fun" in a boat on the lakes.