Saturday, November 30, 2013


I guess by now you can tell what body of water i'm on just by reading the title to the blog entry.  Yep - guessed it right.  Cherokee Lake.
The lake does have it's beautiful moments, at least until the sun rises.  But then, the lake doesn't have anything to do with it really.  it's all about the sky.

The bow line lay in the water and I had to coil it up prior setting off.  Wow - talk about cold.  My fingers froze to the point I had to use the palms of my hands to help board the boat that was beached.  Maybe I could keep them in my pocket and steer with my nose.

I was on the water just as the sun was rising and to tell the truth, that is too early.  I was the only one parked in the ramp parking lot.  Oh well, at least I get to see the sunrises that way.  After the sun started to appear bright in the sky - the shorelines of the lake became the focus point.  Oh boy!
I had my sweet dark angel with me today for company.  She wouldn't let me out of the house without taking her.  Women!
 Gulls were everywhere and that's nothing new but, these gulls appeared tinted reddish brown due to the orange sunrise.
 Their wings seemed to be translucent with the colored light passing through their thin structures.  Very nice!

 Father, oh Father - about those biscuits I saw you put in your pocket this morning--
One more shot and it's from two days ago on the Holston.  It is of a boat moving slowly along the shoreline, bumping it's bow against the logs an weeds.  The man is a trapper and he's looking for beaver and otter dens.  Yes, the critters will have to sacrifice again.  They always get the short end of the stick.  Very disturbing to have to see this.
He will search and try to trap and kill these guys below, cut off their skins and throw their bodies in the garbage.  Isn't that a proud, honorable thing to do?