Sunday, February 9, 2014


Amazing things happen sometimes.  As you know I've had a rejuvenation of interest in fly fishing lately and have been dragging out all the stuff relating to fly tying I can find. I found something tonight I thought was long lost or sold and forgotten.  I'm glad I still have it.  I was very much motivated by fly-fishing for trout on the mountain streams in my earlier life and often would travel to neighboring states or to the mountains of Pennsylvania not knowing what insects were prominent on the water and not really carrying the correct fly patterns.  The answer was to carry a tying kit along and tie the needed flies in camp or at stream side as needed.  Many years ago I bought such a tying kit and I happened upon it just awhile ago.
The green nylon case is just a covering for the actual tying kit which is enclosed in a hand made oak chest specifically designed for tying flies.  A portable tying vice is inside the top zippered part of the bag and assembles in seconds.
The nylon front cover unzips and lays down exposing the beautiful wood behind.  That is the bottom side of the box in the shot above.  It will open and fold down making the table for the tying operation.  See below:
There are places for tools, glue bottles, hackle tools and foam pads to stick the completed flies onto.  The thread spools are under the white inlay of the table.
The white panel lifts up to unveil the thread compartment.  How bout that?
 This is amazing.  The bag that I carried feathers and tying materials is full of material and it's all perfect after all these years.  The bugs never found the stuff.  Absolutely amazing.  This thing cost me a fortune many years ago when I bought it and I'd never purchase it again.  I guess it could be called an heirloom.  
This tying kit offered a lot of extended enjoyment in camp after a day of fishing on the stream.  All this stuff fit on a motorcycle too.  Fly rods, tying gear, hip boots, tent, cook stuff, fishing chest box and more.  What fun!  Off to Colorado, Wyoming or Montana was always on the agenda with trips to the Smoky Mountains occasionally.  But, my favorite stream in the world was and still is the Savage River in Maryland.  Gives me chills to think of it.  So, I've got everything I need to go fly fishing and to tie any fly necessary or unnecessary except waders.  May as well look into them tomorrow.