Monday, February 17, 2014


I guess everyone who keeps up with this blog knows of the little redbone hound I found at an out of the way boat ramp three days ago.  Yes, I took her home as the weather was to fall below zero that night and she was starving.  I would have taken her home anyway even if the weather was warm.  Its just not their fault to be left alone and abandoned, discarded and outcast.  Too many sweet pups are the recipient of those human traits.  The video of the dog’s initial meeting with me is on the entry that precedes this one.  I’ll pick the story up starting with Friday night. 
I needed to get her to a vet for shots, spay and vaccinations along with heart worm testing and all the veterinarians were closed because it was the weekend.  That meant she would be a guest at my house for at least two days. 
I made a nice comfy place for her in the basement which has access to the outside through the dog door, which I showed her how to operate.  Quick learner.  Ok – all set.  She spent a quiet Saturday night in the basement.   By the way, Shade, Happy and Chestnut showed bad tempers toward the new girl.  It was all growl but it wasn't pretty.
So, Sunday night  I’m reading my kindle and Shade is at my feet with Happy beside me on the couch and I got the idea in my head to let the little hound in the basement upstairs.  I felt really bad that she was all alone down there.  I went down and allowed her to come upstairs.  I should have known better.
The two shots above show her looking at Shade who is in the background growling at her.  Shade kept it up and Happy joined in.  Then I heard little backward Chestnut squeaking from the upstairs bedroom.  This won’t work.  I took the little hound back down to the basement where she started howling and whining loudly nonstop.  Then she went outside and repeated that noise.  It was getting to me.  Ok, I’ll bring her back in.
She walked around the house continually and I thought she would settle down after everyone took their sleep places for the night.  The problem is that she was heading for the bedroom with the rest of us.  Oh Boy!
And up the steps she went.   And she did her walk about all night long non stop.  I did put her back in the basement and she balled and cried, howled and I brought her back upstairs.  Can’t get mad cause none of this is her fault.  The long story short is that I did not sleep a wink last night.  I couldn’t wait for 7 AM to get here when I would leave for the ride to my vet back west of here.  And finally that happened. 
I contacted a friend who owns Great Dog Rescue of Knoxville and sent her pictures of this little girl and said I was getting all the shots, vacs, heart-worm testing and spay operation done this morning and was wondering if she would have a place for this dog.  I would have all the vet procedures performed no matter what the situation was for any dog I pickup, not just this one.  Anyway I was told to bring her over.  Wow!  This little hound is guaranteed a most wonderful, safe life from here on in.  I will be leaving her with an absolute dog professional who is involved in these neglected animals with her heart, soul and mind.  Show ya what I mean.  I finished up at the vet and headed out to Betty's home.  I didn't ask permission to use her name but first names should be alright in this case.  Her home is a large acre spread back well off the road and in the woods.  There’s no asphalt back here. 
There were some deer in a field near where I pulled onto the gravel lane that penetrates the unknown.  Well, it looks like the unknown.  It’s a sweet place to live.
The house finally appeared on a hill to my left.  How pretty!  It’s the kind of scene where one is afraid to make any noise that would disturb nature.
I pulled beside the house and I heard, “come on up”.  I eased the truck door shut so as not to make any loud sounds and climbed up onto the quaint, quiet porch – and then it happened.
Well, so much for quiet.  My hound and I walked into the kitchen and were greeted with a delightful flock of colorful, wonderful, happy dogs, most of which were ancient.  The point is that each one is a precious, innocent little critter that someone tossed out and these wonderful people are providing a means for them to live out their lives in a loving environment.  Did I say “little” critters?
And then a side door to the kitchen was opened.
gary’s outdoorwanderings2
I think the little girl will be named Anne so I’ll refer to her as Anne.  It seems Anne makes friends fast.
002 - Copy002
There are dogs of all sizes and breeds here in this house.  Breed, age and beauty doesn't matter.  They each needed help and a safe place in this world and it was afforded to each of them here in the country.
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010 - Copy012
They flash back and forth  in and out at light speed and I can't help but laugh at their antics. Like - where is it they have to be in such a hurry.  So funny!

Its impossible to keep them all in place and stopped.  There is always motion somewhere and it usually is very fast motion.  I was laughing out loud at this menagerie, but they were all happy – every one of them.. 
022 - Copy023
Told ya they came in all sizes.  The fellow below is 20 years old.  I can’t remember their names but, I was really taken with this fellow.  He is gorgeous in his old age and happens to be wracked with arthritis but, that doesn't stop him from hobbling around with his mates, and he too is happy to be alive and enjoying life.
025038 - Copy038040042 - Copy
Isn't he splendid?!

Oh ya – there’s more.
035 - Copy
And here’s my little lost and found redbone hound, Anne.  Look at her making herself right at home here.
This is exactly how I operate with my dogs at home except I don’t have this many.  I would if I had the property.  Oh, there’s more of em.
053055 - Copy056 - Copy056057 - Copy057058
Just a few more.  I guess you may have noticed that these are elderly dogs.  No one will adopt them, or folks rarely do but I think they make the best dogs.  They have character and they are treasures that should be protected - and these dogs are indeed protected and loved.
Look closely at the rear end and leg of the dog that is standing in the background.  Notice the black on the leg.
062 - Copy062
It has to be a case of genetics.  That isn’t tar or paint.  It’s just black hair.. Odd but unique.  It was time to say goodbye to my little friend.  I held her face in my hand one last time, pulled her muzzle against my cheek, gave her a squeeze and whispered “good luck to you sweetie”.  She was pulled from a tragic situation below with misery and starvation the prognosis and elevated to what you see in the second picture.  Quite a transformation.
She got it made!  And yes, I shed a silent tear when I held her face in my hands.  Maybe just one sniffle.   Now to quietly exit the premises.