Thursday, February 20, 2014


Its always been difficult to upload movie clips to this blog and I don't know if it's just or blogging sites in general.  I get messages like "data interruption during upload" and an error occurred, try later and more. To overcome this difficulty I load movies to software called Windows Live Writer which is easy as pie.  I then complete the entire blog entry on Writer and then upload the whole thing to the blog where I can further edit the material before posting.  This process is labor intensive but at least the videos get posted.  The catch to using Live Writer is that videos also are posted to U Tube.  That can be good or bad depending how one views it.  There is something else I noticed.

The colors in the photographs appear to be slightly altered and its more noticeable when the pictures are enlarged.  Pictures uploaded by "blogger" are sensational and crystal clear when enlarged.  Windows Writer must perform manipulations to the file data when uploading the shots.  I don't know.  Colors may seem washed out at times and too vivid at other times.  The obvious way to avoid the issues is to copy the video to Windows Live Writer and upload it to the blog edit page.  Then go to the blog edit page and upload pictures and written word using blogger tools.  There's always a way around it.  Just thought I'd throw this information up here in case someone has noticed photos that appear over manipulated.  It ain't me doin dat.  The photo below is of my pet eagle that I will be keeping close watch over until the young are born.  Its the eagle in the very deep nest.