Thursday, February 20, 2014


I love keeping track of my eagles.  This nest is of particular interest because the folks who live in the immediate area of it believe the nest is abandoned.  They can’t see the eagle’s head barely peaking above the edge of the nest.  It’s a deep nest and there are two eagles present most of the time.  I love it.

 I took a drive to Greenback to visit  a farm that grows and sells native grasses.  I've actually visited the folks who live there years ago and enjoyed the very rural setting of their property and also of their minds.  Real nice folks.  As luck would have it they weren't there today.  I heard the screeching of spring peepers or cicadas, one or the other and had to track the noise down.  The loud racket emanates from the puddle you see in the movie so I'm going to assume spring peepers are emerging.  Sure is loud for peepers though.  I stand corrected by a learned friend of mine.  They are chorus frogs, something that is not privy to Pennsylvania.  Cicadas occur later in the season.  Chorus frogs - who'd a thunk it?  I'm told that toads do this later in the season also.  Amazing!

 I used to pass this place every night on my way to the hiking trail that borders Tellico Lake.  Douglas and I were always on the move and never sat idle at home, ever.  The only way to describe the Greenback area is absolutely charming and very rural - peaceful and beautiful.  I miss it over there.  I've never felt more at home anywhere in my life after leaving the home farm in Pennsylvania.