Saturday, October 4, 2014


I usually drive a 22 foot Pathfinder bay boat on the lakes and its a delight for me to sometimes have the opportunity to run on the water with a smaller craft.  The Gheenoe has gone to a new home and I have no personal boats at the present time.  I do, however, have an additional Fisheries boat in my driveway that is perfect to run the job on rivers and tighter water with and its perfect for winter months when these lakes I'm assigned to are drawn down.  The engine was a mess when I got it but she flies along just fine now after a lot of TLC.  It doesn't make up for the Gheenoe's loss as it isn't for personal use but it allows me to access more water on the river sections of the reservoirs where a big ocean liner fears to tread.  And, its a fairly quick little thing....