Friday, October 31, 2014


This morning was one of those dark, gray, cold mornings down at the lake. I was liking it.
 Most of the lake was covered with dense fog and even the geese wouldn't stray from the shallow shorelines.

I headed up Muddy Creek in the jon boat through the fog and started to get soaked. That wouldn't do on a cold morning so I pulled over against the shore and put on my super duper 100 mile per hour rain suit.
The fog was actually more dense in the coves.  I've no idea what the science is behind that but it was so.
This is the first morning in four years that I haven't had my big camera with me.  I had to send it away for shutter repairs when I missed a fantastic opportunity to photograph a bald eagle cruising low on the shoreline.  I pressed the shutter button five times and it wouldn't release.  Missed the entire eagle. Then there was the huge whitetail deer that stood right beside the truck and asked me to please photograph it for the cover of Field and Stream.  Camera wouldn't go off.  Its in the mail heading for someplace special where hopefully it will undergo an operation conducted beneath the fountain of youth where it will emerge young and new again.  If it still proves abstinent, then I'll shoot it at dawn the next day.
 And, I wonder why folks can't make a proper fence gate post support system.  The gate hangs on hinges from a post that is constantly under pull from the weight of the gate.  The hinge post therefore has to have an assist - a support - in order for it to maintain its perfect vertical attitude with the result of keeping the swing end of the gate from dragging on the ground.  All one has to do is imagine where the pressure is applied to the hinge post and to the posts installed behind it that act as an anchor for it.  Easy.  I've not seen a properly built gate since I moved over here from my previous home in East Tennessee.  The one in the picture below is close but no cigar.  I really don't care but the issue is interesting.  Just sayin.....
I might have some really good news about finding Blue a home.

I was in the bank today talking to the lady at the counter when I overheard the girl at the window making over a couple dogs a guy had with him in his car.  The lady who was waiting on me commented that he talks to those dogs as if they're human.  She also mentioned he had a few more at home.  The thought struck me about Blue.  I asked the girl at the window to tell the guy I'd like to talk to him and I met him outside.
I asked him if he might know of someone who would like to have a super sweet companion in a mix breed dog.  He actually perked up and started asking questions about Blue.  We talked and exchanged personal information.
I watched him pull away and I thought that was probably the end of it.  So, this evening I was sending out emails around 6 PM and the phone rang.  It was him.  We talked and he said that he had to go to the VA hospital next Wednesday and could pick him up afterward.  I said that would be great but we will talk on Wednesday.  I asked more questions and found from him that he rescues dogs and has property that is fenced in.  Blue would have it made there.  He asked if Blue got along with other dogs and I had to state that I had no idea.  I said to try him and if he doesn't work to call me and I'd come and get him and I'm the one to call for any issues with him..  He replied that he doesn't give up on dogs.  We'll see what happens on Wednesday I guess.  The gentleman is a Vietnam vet and that makes him alright in my book.  Fingers crossed for Blue!
The temps are to drop here this evening and heavy rain is due in.  That rain is falling right now.  The rain is supposed to change to snow at any minute and continue on until 3 PM.  Ought to be a great morning at the lake tomorrow.
I noticed the tree stump laying on its side above and thought about the trees in the movie "The Hobbit".  They could walk but mostly they seemed to sleep..  The top of his head is to the right of the picture and his eyes appear to be closed in the center of the shot.  Funny what I think about!

The further up Muddy Creek I cruised, the darker the sky got.  Lake weather can be very strange.

The wind is suddenly howling and blowing the rain into the back of the house with a lot of force.   Lightning is flashing and I guess I better shut this computer down for awhile.  See ya tomorrow if I don't get blown away.