Friday, October 17, 2014


All shots taken with 150-500 mm Sigma Telephoto & Canon 50D

I was on afternoon shift today and decided to take an early morning ride in the truck to see if the fog would present some unique photo opportunities.  As it turned out this morning was very interesting indeed.
 I still can't believe these shots.  Can you believe this?  No, its not a petting zoo.
These are absolutely amazing pictures!  Its almost like they are gathering together to get on the ark.

Ok, Ok, back to the mysterious morning theme.  
You may notice three small dark circles on some of these shots caused tiny rain drops on the lens.  I didn't notice the water on the lens until several shots past these and didn't see the marks on the pictures until after posting them.  I was too tired and too far into the posting process to retreat and start over.  The shots came out acceptable though.

 My favorite of the foggy morning is below:
My attempts at artistic flamboyancy is below:

These shots are all taken with a 500 mm telephoto lens and that lens isn't at all the proper tool for the job I'm trying to do this morning.  Not too shabby for that long, long lens.

We'll call the following shot "Stranger On The Shore".

We'll leave the fog for a bit.

The sun is finally starting to burn off the fog at the lake.

 A gathering of gulls.

 These used to belong to a farm
More artsy stuff.
And then the strangest thing happened.  While taking the photos of the gulls on the lake, the sound of crows became very loud and two bald eagle juveniles appeared in a tree in front of me.  

 There was no prep time for the pictures as they simply were placed in front of me by the hand of providence.  As usual they were back lighted badly but I guess the shots came out Ok.  Nothing to write home about though.
 The crows were ganging up on the young eagles and they alighted here to avoid the conflict.  The eagle on the upper limb is tearing some fish or animal apart.
These eagles are siblings and have been driven away from their parents territories.  They will probably stay together all winter long until next spring where they will no doubt seek their own ways.

 What better way to spend a morning when one can't sleep?  All this and I never got on the water or out of the truck.   Hope you enjoyed the start of my day.