Sunday, October 19, 2014


And he has those special eyes
No, I'm not turning this into a dog rescue blog but occasionally there is a dog situation that demands publication and this is one of those time..

Blue is obviously a mix breed dog and weighs around 85 pounds.  He's about 4 1/2 years old and healthy as all get out.

He has been caught up in a domestic situation where he has lost his home and is actually living at that home, not abandoned but currently unsupervised.  Actually, he had a family who promised to take him but backed out on the same day Blue's owners were leaving the house.  Now he's stuck.  I and the current owner make trips every morning to visit and feed Blue but this is not a tenable situation.
 Blue needs a permanent home.  He is an outside dog and is no problem at all.  
 Blue is one of those dogs that would stay by your side every minute of the day if he had the chance.  He loves human contact and isn't shy about showing it and would be protective of his owner.  There isn't a harsh bone in his body.  This guy is all love and affection.  If I didn't have Shade he would be home with me right now.  The following statements are important:  Blue will walk beside you with a leash or without a leash.  He will not run away but will stay with you at all times.  He is a human's best friend in all respects.  He just needs someone to hang his hat on.
 If anyone out there would like to meet Blue or have him - please contact me through this blog.  Email or leave a comment.  This dog is one of a kind in that he is beautiful on the outside and even more beautiful on the inside.
 I don't mention this ever but if  anyone  could or would be able to contribute a few dollars to Blue's upkeep I'd appreciate it, until we can get him placed.  I'm sure someone looking for a great companion will come to his aid.   I have to drive to his location and the gas and dog feed isn't budgeted,   
Whoever gets this beautiful dog will have an unbelievable companion to love.  Blue will be up to date on his vacs and shots as well as neutered.  He will be all set to be all that he can be for some very lucky person.  Its not his fault....Thanks.