Friday, May 2, 2014


I attended to other duties early in the day and drove past the bald eagle nest late afternoon to avoid the harsh back-lighted situation.  It worked out really well as you'll see the vast improvement in the shots.  I won't bore you with a billion shots of this little eagle but just enough to keep your interests up.
Its been over a month since I've seen the second baby.  They used to stand side by side in the nest and now only one ever appears.  I fear the worse.

I mentioned before that this property has been sold and this will be the last year these eagles will be here at this nest and Its a shame.  The folks in these parts have been blessed with their presence and the pair of eagles have had many babies in that nest over the years but its eviction time.  The almighty dollar rules the roost.  Habitat lost.  I hope they don't go far.

I'll have to get back up to the Holston River at Rogersville to see the babies up there.  I think they were born before these and should be about ready to fly, or if not at least bounce around on the tree limbs practicing.  So, just a few shots for this entry and I hope you enjoyed the baby bald eagle.