Sunday, May 11, 2014


I had some time yesterday after I got off work early afternoon and decided to take Shade to the creek for a swim.  It's been a long while since just she and I went anywhere and this afternoon was her afternoon.
 We went to the TWRA fish hatchery in Granger County where that cold stream with the water cress is.  Shade loves that stream.  We stopped at a spring house first because of the serenity of the place.  The creek is Buffalo Creek.
There is a beaver or two in here I'm told but I can't locate them if there are.

This is a very pretty place that sits along the road and is hidden by heavy green foliage.  Its not wilderness but its about as close to it as one can get over here.  I have to let my mind wander to believe its anything wild.  Shade likes it and it's her afternoon.

 Look at her go!  She loves to just sit in the icy water.  Very funny!

All this rain we've been having has made everything ultra green around here.  It's beautiful and the guys at the fish hatchery keep this area looking neat as a pin.    We left this little spot and drove up the road a short distance to the hatchery and walked to the creek on that property.
He's a snapping turtle and very much alive and very much asleep.  We'll let him alone.
And there she goes again!
 She's my sweet girl.  Can't imagine how happy she is right at that moment.

The sky is clouding up and I guess the second bout of rain for the day is about to start.  Its time to head on home anyhow.  "Come on Shade!"

She always rolls in the grass after being in the water to dry off which I appreciate.  Sometimes its a roll in the dirt to dry off which I don't appreciate.  Gotta love her.