Thursday, May 8, 2014


 There is only one flower that continually blooms each year at Sigh's grave site.  I can't believe it's been three years since her passing.  Her head stone is below with her bloom directly in front of her and I think I'll allow the thicket and forest to encompass this, her resting site, and hide her from all others who may dig in the soil when I am finally gone.  
I've been planting all sorts of greenery out here ever since I got this place and continue to do so.  It's addicting I think.  My first challenge was to totally hide the roof of the house that is 600 feet away just over my property line.  I don't care for neighbors at all and have been on a vendetta to eliminate that view.  I've about got it done.
The offending view is shown above.  Its almost gone now - just that one space between those two pine trees and I filled that space yesterday.
 These are thuja pines that double their size yearly.  These were only 12" tall three years ago.  They will get 40 to 60 feet tall and they're better known as "thuja green giants."  They ought to make a formidable wall because I planted them three feet apart and there are a total of 30 of these rascals.  I'm building a fort.

There are many, many more plants on the property that I can't even name.  Below are some of them.
I do know that box wood is one.  I've got climbing roses and many knockouts along with bee-balm , forsythia, Irish and miniature Japanese holly bushes, rose of Sharon and many more.  Its addicting!

Clematis is amazing.  The above plant blooms white and I intend to get a plant that will produce blue flowers for the post in front of happy.  I sat drift wood there for that plant to climb on and it entirely engulfed it all.
 I forget what the three little flowery plants are called in the front row above.  They caught my eye in Lowes a couple months ago and I brought them home on the motorcycle and stuck them in here.  They bloom constantly with a tiny wine colored flower.
The Japanese miniature holly is right in front of that upside down barrel.  The leaves may be seen more clearly if the shot is enlarged.  I have six plants that are holly and I enjoy looking at it early in the mornings.
The plant directly in front of that pole on the left is a holly plant.  It's not a tree but a bush that  appears to grow rapidly and thick with a dark green cast to the leaves.
Then, I look back at the house and you can guess what I see.

 Yep - there she is again, squeezing my heart with her devotion and dedication.  Shade is ready for anything I care to include her in and she's pleading with me to take her somewhere right now.  She is insanely devoted to me.  Just amazing!!!