Sunday, May 11, 2014


An early morning check showed that everything was fine at the nest.
And no, this is not Shade.  It is an unfortunate that was at the boat ramp this morning.  It sucks, I know, but I can't take them all home.  Just can't.  I can only hope she lives nearby and is on a run to the lake for a little while before returning to her home.  I hope...
Look at this sweet family:
The above shot is one of my favorite geese pictures as it appears to be well balanced and is colored realistically.

I noticed a little water circle under a log off shore and knew it wasn't a fish.  After a few years of staring at the water hour upon hour one gets to be able to define mammal water disturbances from fish water disturbances.  This was mammal for sure - either otter or beaver.  
 This is the first beaver I've been able to get a photo of since starting on this tailrace.  I've seen a couple across stream but too far to get with the camera.  Actually, this guy headed cross stream when he left this spot.
 The road is right next to the tailrace on this side of the river and the beaver and otters are not very tolerant of the traffic and bolt away instantly at the approach of a vehicle.  I came up to this guy very slowly and quietly.  Got lucky.

 And, away he goes across stream to the far bank.
I headed home to get that kayak I found in my driveway and wanted to try it out this afternoon.  I was turning into the drive when I saw a beautiful corn snake laying on the road.  He was just soaking up the sun.  I pulled crossways on the road to protect the fellow and picked him up and set him free on my place.  

 I wish I had a hundred of these guys on my property.  They are sensational snakes.
I did finally get that kayak up to Beech Creek.  It was a long ride in the truck for a very short ride on the kayak.  Below is the kayak ready for its maiden voyage:

An hour later I pulled her out of the water, loaded up and headed home.  Says alot about my opinion of kayaks.  Just not for me!
The Pelican box frame I made worked perfectly and it looks store bought.  I will say the seat in this boat is the most comfortable seat I've had on any boat.  Oh well.  It's new and its for sale.  If interested - give me a call.  Thanks for looking in.  
Oh ya - almost forgot PeeWee: