Wednesday, May 7, 2014


It was a pretty day at the river, and come to think of it, I didn't take one river scene.
I put in a lot of truck time driving along the river over here and sometimes I run into some great picture opportunities.  Like the deer that were laying in a field of tall grass and jumped up when I pulled through the gate to turn around.

I was lining up some paperwork in the front seat of the truck when a mockingbird landed on a post next to the truck and started a really pretty rendition of Dixie.
 At first look at him I thought he was really upset I was there in his space.
I took more than a few shots of him as he insisted on posing for me.  Probably thought I was shooting for the cover of Field and Stream.  I don't even know if that magazine is still in print.

I stopped for a few seconds at the eagle's nest to take a couple photos.  The youngster is growing like a weed and his sibling is laying low in the bottom of the nest as usual.  All is well.

 You'll note that their beaks are open.  They are not crying out but are panting like a dog, or at least the principal is the same.  They are shedding heat by opening their mouths.

And one last important addition to the entry.
It's 10:30 PM and I'm really tired - again.  I received and planted ten thuja pine trees today and I had to get them in before dark.  The temperatures are in the mid eighties now and they've been in the shipping containers for a few days without water.  They're planted and safe now though.  There is a report due that I have to work on before bed so I better get to it.  Thanks for your interest in the blog.  I appreciate it.