Monday, May 26, 2014


I took the dogs out yesterday after I returned from work in the afternoon for some exercise which they needed badly as did I.  These little clips indicate the height of excitement they achieve simply by going "someplace" with me in the truck.
The property above is one of my favorite properties I pass almost daily.  It is far out in the country and by itself.  Look at the climbing plants that cover the many trellises in this picture.  I've never seen a more rustic place.  I am prompted to stop the truck here every time I pass by and someday someone is going to question why I'm stopping.

The temperature was great, the water cold and best of all there are never any people near this place on weekends, even employees so the pups can pretty much have the run of the place (supervised).  And, they had a great time.

We had a great time up there, although not a long one.  I think we stayed for about two hours but to them it was like a week.  They live for the moment.  Hope your weekend is going well.