Thursday, November 30, 2006


Seems it always rains when I go to Melton Hill Lake. Thats OK. Today is a gentle rain and its just a good day to putt along at a brisk fifteen mile per hour and cruise the shoreline and look at Wild Turkeys and Deer. The 90 horsepower Mercury engine is whisper quiet and disturbs nothing. This lake always provides an atmosphere where one can reflect and ponder. It might be about what the next year will bring, or what am I doing here? Still and quiet, the lakes waters provide total relaxation on these quiet days. But the potential is there for nature's enormous lake storms. Those occurrances provide for great adventure! Douglas and I will see days like that in the future, I'm sure. Makes for a good story....... ___________________________________________________________________ This is the Melton Hill boat ramp at the Melton Hill State Park facility. The Melton Hill Lake Dam is just to the right of the photo out of view. This is my favorite launching site in the Winter as there is never anyone around. And this is the end of the lake that is wilderness. Actually Melton Hill Dam is really the Clinch River in an impoundment. Summer is a different story. Too many people! Douglas, as usual is at the point looking for something different. He's such a good boy on the boat. Never trouble. Always good companionship. The shower can be seen pelting the surface and disturbing the mirror finish of the lake. Minnows and Shad are breaking through the surface feeding. The Shad eats the minnow and the Bass and Muskie eats the Shad. So it goes..... The reflections of Fall can be seen through the gentle rain on the quiet waters