Friday, November 17, 2006


Today is the seventeenth and Douglas (The Golden Dog) has been nuzzeling my arm to go do something. We haven't been on a good outing in a while so off we went to East Coast Trail. He delights in romping through the woods, nose to the wind. It is amazing to see him change into what I call his "primitive state". His nose is constantly working and he moves along at a tireless gate well out ahead of me. He is not a "heel" dog. But a free dog. He will not go far without turning and taking note to my presence. If he can not see me he will gallope back to find me and off he goes again to repeat the process. I love him. It makes me so very happy to see him having fun and being happy. And he loves this trail with its up's and down's and watery views. This is one happy Golden Dog. Douglas enjoys this trail. He has access to the water of the lake and can range around through the brush at leasure. He is well supervised and is courteous to his woodland friends. A leash is advised for dogs not accustomed to deer, squirrels and other little creatures. I noticed a large tree that was cut with a chain saw and stopped to investigate. I have always liked to try to discover the age of trees. Trees are neat! Tree rings, Growth rings or Annular rings; whatever you want to call them, can be observed on a cross section cut through a tree trunk. The growth rings indicate the season changes. Thus, one annular ring would indicate one year. We can determine the age of trees this way. Interesting,, isn't it? Heavy moister years yield wide rings where narrow rings indicate draught or dry seasons. Annular rings are the foundation of historical dating which is called dendrochronology. There-maybe something new for ya.......... The Golden Dog crosses one of the many rustic bridges on the trail. Spectacular scenes like the one below are the usual. This trail is scerene and quiet. It is a way to get back to what's important Every bend in the trail offers new views.