Saturday, November 18, 2006


There is one character missing throughout today's blog. It is Douglas. It was such a great day and I wanted to really try to catch a Muskie down at the channel that runs to the steam plant at Solway. I just didn't want to deal with caring for a dog. How wrong I was! The day was shallow without him. No golden visions to catch my eye. I didn't get to enjoy him having fun on the beaches and in the lake. I didn't have him to talk to.. I didn't have his company. I felt ashamed to leave him at home waiting for me. And he did. He sat on the steps by the door looking toward the road as I pulled back in at home and parked the boat. He was sad. I'll never leave without him again. This was the first and last time. I may have pointed this out in another blog, but the sight always amazes me. Its a monument to waste. This neuclear reactor is a fossel from the Korean War days. It was never ever started. Yet it sits here as a testimonial to the richness of this country and our ability to just shove this pile of tax dollars aside. I mean, there is an endless supply of tax dollars! Why worry about this hulk that must have cost billions. Ya,, but think of all the jobs that it created. Oh man!!!! Located half way down Melton Hill Lake. Ring Billed Gulls are taking advantage of the calm waters to fish and be lethargic. Actually they aren't very still for long. Its the real world for them and its catch fish or starve. Just a gorgeous day in East Tennessee. Did I say it was Winter? Exhileration as the throttle is pushed forward toward home.