Sunday, November 5, 2006

Nature's Message

Frost covers the trees and fields. Leaves change to dramatic colors. The harsh weather causes change in the field and wood. Animals are burrowing and preparing for hibernation. Birds have either left or are preparing to leave on annual migrations. Many are returning from Northern Climates. As the waters become cold and the air crisp; the lakes are suddenly void of human use and it appears that nature once again has taken control of her territories. The thin skinned and frail humans are susceptable to the cold of winter and find it uncomfortable, preferring to remain indoors until Nature allows them the use of her offerings in the warmer times of Spring. But the strong winds and storms of winter are thrilling and exhillerating! They awaken the sprit and test the fortitude of mortal man. They are a reminder of who and what is really in control. Total control!!