Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Caves have always mystified me. The temptation to enter and explore is great. But it's best to ere on the side of caution. I travel alone on the boat and an emergency while in a cave would be less than ideal. You can see the normal water line on the rocks. I can imagine being in there when TVA has a major water release. This deserted stretch of beach on the Tennessee River is a quiet, lovely place. The Golden Dog is bounding through the woods now but will not go far as he will not let me get out of sight. Soon he will be back down here swimming and running full out to release all that pent up energy that has accumulated through the week waiting for me at home while I'm working. The Golden Dog is in his element here. His eyes get even brighter and his senses heighten when he steps onto the boat. I stop frequently and let him run it off. And he has more energy than one can imagine. He brings in any drifting wood from the lake and then starts running happy laps up and down the shoreline. He's fantastic.. The Golden Dog (Douglas) sits and listens to a pack of coyotes down stream yelping their hearts out. Wish I could get into his mind. The scenery is beautiful on the Tennessee River. Quiet!