Tuesday, November 7, 2006


The rain is pouring down. Its chilly out but no wind is blowing. This is the kind of day that holds promise for excitement. This is the day I have the entire lake to myself. No other human is out. Only a fool would be on an enormous lake in this kind of weather. Only a fool. This fool embraces it and is appreciative of the beauty that lies just "out there". The natural things are alive and moving today. This is business as usual to them. Its just another day in their lives. I wouldn't miss the opportunity to share it with them for anything. Time is precious and I use it up. All of it. I love the wilderness. I love the lakes. And I'm thankful I am healthy enough to enjoy them. ----------The water is cloudy this day due to run off. There's a lot of floating timber in the water washed off the banks and some trees have fallen into the water where they could no long cling to the eroding soil. All will float or settle and dissappear after the rain. I wonder where all the floating trees end up. It is cold and soaking. It chills to the bone. But I revel in it all. Its invigorating! The opening ahead is the actual cove where the Uniform and the Golden Dog sought refuge from a very hard storm. They drove to the back of the cove and found some cover under a overhanging tree. The story, "The Storm" is about the events of that day. This rain today is nothing compared to the tempest in the "Storm" story. Douglas doesn't care. He just stands at the point and goes head on into anything I drive toward. He's soaked. Rain it did and hard! Very peaceful and scerene.