Sunday, July 5, 2009


click on pictures to enlarge I am entirely dedicated to the wilds and animals that reside there and very rarely make entries to this blog concerning anything else, accept an "occasional" mention of dogs. Nothing has been entered about where I work. I thought this rainy day would be a good time to put a few thoughts on the blog about the topic. Smoky Mountain Harley Davidson and Buell is a very new motorcycle dealership located on the tourist corridor in Maryville, Tennessee. At a young age of four years it has become an extremely successful dealership for Harley Davidson and has even won the prestigious Gold Bar and Shield Award offered by the motor company for outstanding excellence. This is a staggering accomplishment for such a young company. Not many can achieve this height of excellence after being in business for years. This success is enjoyed because of owners who have vision and direction; goals and bold plans to achieve them and employees who all share the desire to push the success of the business to the next level. Ideas flow freely from employees and are inspired by a "employee empowerment" attitude by the owners. In short; it is an amazing business to work at. The hours can be brutal but the commitment from the work force is unified. In short; we sort of like it there. That's a short description of my workplace.. Below are some photo's to show you what I'm talking about. The parking lot and grounds are manicured. Customers can be assured of a clean surroundings when they visit. They will be treated courteously by each and every employee. Each customer will enjoy a unique experience in this dealership. The picture below is a view to the back of the property on one side of the building. Events are held in and around the building called the Shed. The Shed hosts concerts that play on the dealership grounds every Saturday night during summer months. Good BBQ, beer and motorcycle talk are shared here weekly. An actual restaurant has just opened at the Shed only a month ago. What more could a customer want. I know; a free bike! Below is just a sample of what goes on at the Shed. And I mean a small sample. Comfort and enjoyment is the goal. And this is where it's happening. Yep; park just about anywhere ya want to. Bands play on that stage in the background. I did mention that bands play here. Now, this little crowd here is average for a Saturday at Smoky Mountain. I mean it. People make this place their destination for the day. It's sort of like planning a day at Dollywood or a drive through the park. The parking lot today is average. But check the attendance. Motorcycle dealers in the North would die for customer attention like this. All one has to do to achieve this customer dedication is to treat people the way they want to be treated. Heres an early morning shot at 10:00AM. They are waiting for the doors to open I have been to motorcycle dealers who don't have attendance like this for the entire day. For us; this is the one drop of rain before the storm that appears after 10AM. But, lets go inside for a brief tour. A camera can not do this justice. Mine can't because I'm working now and taking brief, quick pictures when possible. I didn't have time to set up photo ops. This is what one sees when entering the store. Did I mention we have a few motorcycles sitting around? By the way; Have you ever seen dealerships that have mirrors set up to reflect rows of bikes to make it look like there are twice as many as there really are? Well, I'm here to tell ya; There ain't no mirrors to reflect these bikes. These are all real. Looking for a used Harley? Enough choices? Want some clothes? We try to keep a couple pair of pants in stock at all times. Parts, accessories and garments. Smoky Mountain got it all going on. By the way; if you look toward the top of some of the photos you will see TV screens that play continually all day long in all the departments. All for customer enjoyment. These two dedicated employees are acting as human manicans for the day. Actually they are two very professional Chrome/Accessory advisors who assist customers in personalising their Harly's. Lets go in the back. This first photo is where the customer realizes his/her dream. We give a thorough explanation of the machine and all the Harley benefits that go with it. In short; the customer is welcomed into a great family that has roots back into historical time. It is a welcome we are proud to offer. The service department is second to none and a leader to all. If anything can be done to, on or with a Harley; this department has the knowledgable and fully trained staff to accomplish it. The best engine builders in Tennessee work right here. This is only representative of half the shop size. As i said; I'm in a hurry as I have customers to greet. Now whats this? It's James Drake bringing a motorcycle out of the back warehouse for a customer. James is one of the finest managers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. We used to sell bikes together on the sales floor. Humm??? He got picked. I'll have to look into that. Kidding. A good friend and a brother. Love im. It's bikes you want? You saw what was out front in the showroom. Check what we got coming to replace those as they sell. We do keep a small inventory for rainy days. Sometimes they swell in numbers and overflow to the outside. Some are like old friends and some are here for a brief period. But all find homes. The Harley stunt team was on site here today. I had to grab a few shots of that little display. Just another activity set up for our customers to enjoy here at the store. That is a Buell motorcycle doing the stunts. Now; don't try any of those tricks at home. Well; maybe do try them but keep our number handy. We do pick up crashes and our experts will reassemble your crashed Buell or Harley perfectly. We can fix any screw up you care to test us on. Hope you liked the little tour. I have only barely touched on all the photo opportunities available. I'm on the job though. Now don't tell Scott, the owner, that I did this on company time. Geeze!!!!!!!!!