Wednesday, July 1, 2009


click on pictures to enlarge This has been quite a week. I left work two days ago and my legs became very tired on the way home. They tingled from hip to ankle, and it ain't about Obama. A sudden tiredness came over me also. When I got home I couldn't even walk up the four steps to my warehouse room. Amazing! An insurmountable tiredness overtook me and I laid down across the seat of my truck. Four hours later I tried for the room again. After negotiating all the dogs, I finally made it. The following morning would start the first of two days off. My body ached; especially my back and legs. It felt so good to lay on my back and stretch out. Happy joined me, as she always does, and I never moved all night. In the morning I was no better off than the previous night. A shower was in order and it felt great. I jumped back on top of the bed; of course with Happy. I lay there all day. Today, my second day off; I felt a little better and decided I better tackle my favorite chore ----(MOWING THE WEEDS INTO GRASS LENGTH). I tried to start the mower and the battery was discharged. Someone had turned the key on and left it on. Back to my humble room I drove to retrieve a battery charger. I needed to take pictures of a little Basset Hound/Black Lab mix dog who needs placed on Pet finders. The battery charged while I struggled with the photography. That dog would not stay still. The mower started. The property I mow is on top a mountainous hill and the lawn is representative of those features found on mountain sides. It is all steep and it isn't level. It requires strength to hold the Zero Turn mower on the side of the hills. And the whole property is, as I said, hill side. As all the dogs played on; I continued with the task of riding this metal bucking bronco. I took a break for thirty minutes to take the dogs to a nearby pond for a cool off. Big mistake on my part. By the time I returned, on foot, back up that long hill; I was just about ready to call it quits. It takes four hours to mow that hilly ground. I was really getting tired after two hours. I pressed on and finished at 3:30PM. I just didn't want to look forward to having to return tomorrow or later to finish it. I couldn't wait to lay down again, and I did. I awakened at 7:30PM and I'm still tired. But I needed to just set in the boat and let the waves rock it back and forth. No fishing; no driving on the lake and not much picture taking. Just sit and listen to the water. I did drive across the lake to an out of the way cove so I wouldn't be bothered. The water was a bit choppy due to the ocean size boats and ski boats ripping up and down the waterway. No big deal though. I was really looking forward to sundown. Tennessee sun downs are spectacular, even in bad weather. I found my little cove and wrote this blog out on notebook paper. Just past this embankment and around the corner will be a tree uprooted and in the water. My cove will be there. The big boats add an amazing erosion factor to the lake shore lines. And there it is just ahead. I'll just float in among the rip rap and let the Gheenoe sit there. I will be able to see the sunset as it occurs from here. I should be able to run across the bay area to the boat ramp with ample light still left. NOTE: all photos taken with DL 990 Canon Elph camera. I'm tired and have to get across this expanse of water. Hope this blog entry was noteworthy.