Friday, July 17, 2009


CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE THEM After MOWING today, I took the guys down to a pond on the property for a swim. They had a great time. These dogs have the best of it. I mean they want for nothing. And I'm glad I can provide it; at least so far anyway. I wanted to include some photos of the property I mow. I don't believe I have ever had the privilege of posting any good photos. This place is the ultimate in splendor! If it were mine I'd never leave it. Vacations, trips and all the rest would be spent right here. It sits atop a huge mound one could call a mountain. It is comprised of 40 acres and even has an orchard up there; although the orchard is in an unkempt state accept for mowing. There is what appears to be a (possibly) ten acre pond that is shared with other residence of the low country at the foot of the property. I only took some pictures. There is more to this wonderful place, but these photos will give you a hint of its wonderful presence. The photo below is the back of the house. The ground level is used as a birding lodge. Yes; a sort of bed and breakfast for bird lovers and watchers. And this is the driveway that winds up the hill in front of the birding lodge Below is the driveway looking down the hill from the birding lodge. Whew! Even going down is an effort. If one passes the property on the isolated back road; they will see this view at the entrance to the driveway. Oh, there are Yoga meetings in the four car garage once a week. Hence the sign. This is a view of the front of the property by the gate looking South After MOWING, I took the dogs down the long lane to the pond. They were hot. I was hot. Everyone was hot. I'm not sure if all these dogs should be here or not. I should have brought along the other twelve counting all the puppies. Ha. Ah; this is more like it. Cool water. Oh man! It doesn't get any better than this. The guys are happy. Shade; Come! She actually listens to me now. Only took three years. Arrrg! The long climb back up to the truck! This is the main driveway leading past the front of the house. This is only the lower part of the driveway. Oh Man! My legs! Dogs are amazing. They trot right on up this grade as if it were level. They prance around on four good legs while I hobble along on two. Funny..... This sloping area gives me the most trouble MOWING. This area and the one above, that is. It requires a lot of strength to hold ones weight toward the uphill side so the MOWER doesn't tip over. This is a view of the front yard. It's not so bad to MOW until I get to the steep banks at the bottom next to the driveway. Below is another shot of the rest of the front yard. Even it has a less than desirable grade and is difficult to mow. The following picture is of the driveway turning at the end of the lawn and leading up the hill to the back of the house. This gateway leads to an old dilapidated orchard. It is pretty back there but a little eerie at night with the crooked and bent, deceased and stunted trees sticking up and silhouetted against the sky. It is difficult to capture height with a camera but I took this shot from the edge of the driveway by the orchard gate. It may give you an idea of altitude. So there it is. A magnificent property. I love to visit up here. My visits entail only MOWING and fixing anymore; but when its done I like to sit down and enjoy the quiet for awhile. Hope you enjoyed the tour. Oh; this is Pancake. She lives here. A little darling.