Friday, July 17, 2009


click on photos to enlarge This is Thursday the 17Th of August. It rained last night and the morning is comfortable and fresh smelling. I'm feeling tired and lackadaisical. Yesterday was a full day for me as it was the first day off of two, and I wandered over Tellico Lake in the Gheenoe and mowed grass too. The first thing in the morning was to get Shade, Douglas and Happy over to the vet for their annual shots and heart worm test. Oh, they all are super fine! I used to work five days and get three off. That was great for regrouping and pulling things back together. Now its six days on and two off with six on and three off every other week. The six day thing is tuff. I put in eleven hours a day and they are stand up hours. On my feet. That gets to be some long days. Add applying selling skills to customers and countless additional duties and it can drain a guy of energy. But it is what it is. I'm still not sure why the change to two days and on six was for. But its tiring. Anyway, I haven't been able to put together an overnight camp out due to it. Today I should mow the property I care for and that will kill much of any chance to start an adventure today. Back to work tomorrow. Whew! Like I said; it is what it is. I did swing down the lake to where the bridge to nowhere sits. The roadways simply were drowned when the lake was formed. One has to be real careful when traveling in a boat after dark on this end of the lake The waters become more primitive as one drives further down the lake. The scenery improves and wildlife appears. Mimosa trees can be found in clusters. They are beautiful. And yes; they are an import from the orient gone wild I call the next photos "silhouettes" This one is simply "Leaving" And lastly; "Anger" There's a little bird called a sandpiper that I have come to really like and watch for. Their heads and necks bob back and forth as they scurry along over rocks and earth at the edge of the water picking up insects. They scratch on mossy patches and dart away quickly on foot to the next insect opportunity. They are well camouflaged too. And I have to focus and shoot quick to catch this little guy in the camera At this point I headed for the boat ramp and home. I had GRASS to cut and I didn't want to miss that. I do want to put an update in here about the puppies we acquired. All three English Setter/Golden Retriever pups are placed in forever homes. Actually they are still here because they must visit the vet for neutering and spay. Two of the sister pups will remain together for the rest of their lives. They will go with two real life human sisters who are retired and live in the country in Georgia. And, they live beside each other on adjoining properties. What a great thing for the puppies! I'm not sure of the destination of the last puppy. But rest assured; his new human family has been investigated thoroughly. Below is Paisley, one of the sisters. Poppy; below. Paisley's sister They're safe and their future's are secure forever. A happy ending all photos taken with a 300mm lense