Thursday, July 30, 2009


click on picture to enlarge This is the second day of two in a row I have off and the heavens simply will not stop pouring water on me. I really wanted to get the Gheenoe on the water today and see if I could scare up a bald eagle. Maybe later toward evening I can get out for awhile on the boat. I grabbed this opportunity of cool rain and breeze to take my family to the ruins and let them investigate things and exercise. I brought the little Canon SD 990 IS camera along to try some macro photography. This is why you see so many "plant" shots on this blog entry. I'm writing this while still under the trees, so I can not critique the pictures. I notice a lack of flower bloom today. I wish I understood the cyclic nature of blooming flowers. I am currently focused on entomology and photography and that is all I can handle at one time with my antiquated brain. My goal today with the little Canon is not only to become proficient with the macro settings, but to capture the rich greens of the foliage. I am surrounded by the most vivid greens imaginable! Auto cameras simply snap the photo and only secure a portion of the luxurious, natural green colors. This Elph camera has its limitations, but Canon claims it is versatile enough to reproduce true to life colors. We shall see. I must comment on the photo above. There is blue aberrations at the bottom right side of the picture. This is a color balance issue within the camera. I have incorrectly adjusted the white balance to enrich the greens. Not a camera problem but a human error. The dogs are exhausted. It is humid with a gentle breeze. I have kept up a strenuous pace walking and they, as usual, ran along out in front. They lay about me here at the ruins in the shade of bushes. Old Sigh - she keeps up just fine. This old hound keeps plugging along and brings up the rear of the procession. A quick walk to the lake side gives the guys a chance to dissipate some heat by swimming. My dogs are sure good company. I enjoy them so much! They ask nothing, they give me their all. I often think of all the pains and aches they must undergo and they have no way of complaining. They just go on without complaint. I got into a habit of gently rubbing their shoulders and hips when they lay close to me. I pay particular attention to old Sigh. She certainly endures painful muscles and joints. Poor old girl. I don't know if I'm doing them any good by the effort, but it makes me feel like I'm soothing them. There isn't high adventure in this blog entry. I think it is an experiment in the color green. I'm delighted with the results the camera is giving. I will be working on the color blue at some time in the future. Water and sky - a couple of my favorites. Until then, enjoy the Greens of nature. I will be leaving for Pennsylvania on the motorcycle August second. I will be sure to get lots of photos of the trip. The Blue Ridge Parkway will be a central topic of the next blog. The hardest part of leaving Tennessee is saying goodbye to my guys. They can't understand why I'm leaving. You see; someone left each of them before at some point in their lives. That person never returned to them. But I will return. They will never be forsaken. Ever!