Saturday, May 18, 2013


Rain has set in on the waters of East Tennessee and somehow, I like it.  Everyone who knows me, except one person, thinks I'm nuts for liking to run this boat in the rain.  It's PEACEFUL people!

Before I get into this entry, which will be a short one, I wanted to post these flower shots I took this morning.  Isn't this a gorgeous sight?

I mean - LOOK AT THIS STUFF!  And friends ask me, "wouldn't you rather be in a restaurant or a bar in Knoxville?  They say, you gotta get to town more."  Ya - Right!
The rain was coming down steady and heavy from the start of my day.  I loved it.  Of course, the boat has a top on it.  I'm not too sure I'd feel the same way if that roof wasn't over my head.  But, it is over my head and the sound of the rain pelting off that canvas top is very satisfying.

I was on a section of Cherokee Lake that has no people and exhibits more of a natural wild look to it.  There aren't many areas on Cherokee like this and I'm glad I'm experiencing this place while it's raining.  The colors seem more vibrant - wet, if you get my drift.
Rock faced cliffs make up most of the shoreline in this area and they provide good habitat for many, many critters.  They also keep the human element at bay.
I would be going around that point, above, and into some long coves beyond.  The sky is very dark and gloomy looking - just how I like it.  The darkness makes photography difficult and the constant rain is risky for the camera and sensitive lens.  But, so what!
I ducked into a cove and immediately saw my friend the black crowned heron.  Out came the camera and I carefully took his picture.

I have gone as long as a year without seeing these guys and this year they're everywhere I go.  It don't figure!

Of course, today would be the day I'd run into a bald eagle.  Pouring rain keeps me under the boat's roof and I couldn't do much with him photographically.  

I documented date, time and noted grid coordinates so I can forward the data to the American Eagle Foundation and the State Ornithologist later.  Bald eagles are not very common on Cherokee Lake for some reason.
Mr. and Mrs. Mallard are out for a stroll around their area this morning enjoying the gentle rain.  

The rain started falling hard after I took the above shots.  Fishing boats were heading back to their trailers and I felt deserted out here.  I left also.  The morning was almost over anyhow.  Hope you liked the rainy entry and don't forget - the entry directly below this one is new also.  See ya.