Thursday, May 9, 2013


I gave the lakes a break today and took the dogs back west to the old state park.  I'll not make much of it on the blog as I've posted tons of "old state park" outings.  I'll just stick a few dog pictures up here - with a little twist.
 Well - there goes one of my favorite old trees.

The wind in my face is all I need,
To satisfy my lust for speed.
No wings have I to carry me,
These four good legs are all I need.
Up the hill to reach the top,
And on I go without a stop.
I'm carried down the sloping grade,
On legs and feet that nature made.

Wings are used by bugs and birds,
Beasts use legs, so I am told,

Bugs and birds just flit along,

I cruise on legs cause I'm a dog.

I have no need for fragile wings,
That power birds and other things.
Just four good legs and a place to run,
Is all I need until I'm done.
And when that final run is ore,
I'll go to heaven and run some more!
A poet and don't know it, or, know that I'm not a poet?  I think I better stick to boats and dogs.