Sunday, May 19, 2013


It's 4AM and the rain was making that relaxing sound as it fell through the thick foliage of the trees just outside my open bedroom window.  Happy's little face, eyes shut, was lying on the right half of the pillow, beside me - sound asleep.  I suddenly missed Johnny Cash.  I don't know why I was thinking of him, especially the first thing in the morning.  I guess things have been on my mind and he is reflective of the times when I was growing up in rural Pennsylvania when life was clear and the path to adulthood was plain and well laid out.  Johnny Cash was a hero to us kids back then.  He represented the farmer and the common man.  He was an icon of sorts the stood up for the little guy and was always on the side of right, at least in the eyes of the hard working folks in those days.
He was the man in black who spoke to us about hope and firmly stood for everything American.        (COPY PASTE)

Play the clip above.  It is reminiscent of what was in Johnny Cash's heart.  Those feelings were the same ones that my mom and dad held close, as well as most all Americans of those days and the inspiration flowed through me like the blood in my veins.   I guess Johnny Cash came to mind this morning because to me he portrayed something that is sadly missing in our country today.  Patriotism!  Oh, many still have it.  They're mostly from an older generation but, for the most part patriotism is camouflaged by a sinister dark blanket that was created by inadequate leadership, decline in moral and spiritual values and a total disinterest in the history of our country by the current generation.  Our countries history is viewed as just a class to struggle through in order to graduate from high school.  After all, football practice follows the history lesson.
Patriotism is a powerful word.  I won't comment further on it.  Ask yourself what patriotism means.  Go ahead.  What is it?  Ask a kid.  Heck - ask any adult.  Then ask an old soldier.  The answers you get will astound you.  Oh well -

The rain is abating and the first rays of sun are starting to show the outline of the huge old oak outside my window, the fog creating a halo around the edges of the foliage.          (COPY PASTE)

Shade is standing beside my mattress on the floor and breaks the serious thoughts that have been going through my mind.  I lay my hand on her head and smile and I think - "Thanks Johnny Cash for bein there for the country, and me.  You made a difference.  And, you were indeed a patriot.  There aren't many like you left sir."  RIP
Feb 26, 1932  -  Sep 12, 2003