Monday, May 20, 2013


The morning is so gorgeous it is as if I've fallen into the rabbit hole that Alice found - a long pipeline transcending dimensions that allows a body to tumble through and into beautiful nothingness, reality diminished and replaced by a fantasy world filled with color and wonder.  That fantasy world is better known as the wilderness.

Oh wow!  How original!  No, I'm not into the Jameson - yet.  This morning was one of those special times when everything clicked.  It all went perfectly.  The experience was  grandiose - and I liked it.
She was the first thing I saw on the river this morning.  The fog was lifting and the colors of the day were just starting to highlight the beauty of the river.  Little girl duck was lolling about back near the edge of the bank.  It wasn't long until little boy duck joined her.
This is reading like a fairy tale, isn't it?  Well, this is a fairy tale morning.  It was beautiful out there this morning.
The two little ducks soon joined together.
"Good morning Miss.  Perhaps you would like to join me on that limb over there and discuss the coming day."

 "Oops - be careful and watch your step.  The wood is slippery."

 "And what, pray tell Sir, do you have on your mind this morning."
"Well, my dear - I thought we could cuddle here out of the coming hot sun and get to know each other better.  What would you like to do?"

"I'd like to spread my wings and fly straight up to the sun and plummet back toward earth at breakneck speed and glide over this grand river - my home and drink heavily from the cup of life.  That's what I'd like to do this morning, Sir."
 "Wait, wait - don't go just yet."
 "Please - I beg you stay."
"What is your name Miss?  Where can I find you again?
"My name Sir is Pricilla Quackenheimer and I can be found most anywhere on this river.  Why don't you come with me for a fly-by of the shoreline?"

"Why Miss - I'd be delighted.  Let's be off."
The early morning fog was not heavy this morning and more than outlines could be seen through the transparent cloak of gray.  The curtains were slowly being pulled open on the stage.

The play was aptly named, "Perceptions And Fantasy" and I had a front row seat, as usual.

It really is a fantasy to be out here in this world that seems unreal, unique, different - a dimension yet undiscovered - the visions so beautiful that one forgets to breathe.
The stage settings were placed perfectly by angels guided by Nature's hand.  Everything was in its place and ready to accept the audience that would file through the theater on this day.  Those who arrived first would be privy to the select seats up close to the stage.

The actors are in place so, let the show begin.
He is known as the little fella.  He misses nothing that happens on the river.  His outline can be seen on the same fallen log every morning whether it be Winter, Spring or Summer.
This is Arthur.  No one really knows where he came from.  He just showed up one day and Maw Nature gave him a security job at the theater.  He monitors the passing of everyone who goes up and down the river through the stage.  Word is he's Russian but, there's no confirmation on that.

Good heavens, the play is spectacular so far!

And, this is Shyla Deerborne.  Shyla was hired as a public relations representative by Maw Nature.  Shyla has one problem.  Shyla is shy.  

Maw Nature knows that Shyla isn't the best individual to greet the public but, Shyla's heart was in the right place and she is trying hard to be more outgoing.
Once she gets out in the open she can really turn on the charm.  She's been told many times how pretty she is.

You see - the actors actually reside within the theater.  Their performances are perfect for every show.  They can make no mistakes.  Mother Nature has taught them well.  She also pays a hefty sum to each actor.  She pays them in splendor money.  Each actor can live their lives to the fullest, totally financially independent and beholding to none.  Occasionally a bad actor or two, humans, force their way on stage and upset the presentation..  These miscreants have proven to be a menace to the performance for as long as time immortal.

 The star of today's show is a well known actor who comes from Canada.  He has been knighted and his name has the prefix of Sir.  This dashing doer of great performances has represented the Crown of England as well as star of screen performances for Walt Disney Productions.  His name is Sir Harry Eagleton.
His greatest performance, has been and continues to be, the representative of inspiration, patriotism, heroism, and the icon in the struggle for a nation's independence and the champion of the United States of America.  Harry is on stage now giving one of his insurmountable performances.  The onlookers peer at Sir Harry as he suddenly appears from high atop a mountain plummeting down at breakneck speed toward the river below, leveling out at the last split second to rocket across the surface of the water - and the crowd looks on in awe.

Sir Harry flashes across the water at amazing speed and gently alights upon a snag on the opposite side of the river.  The crowd is on its feet.  The silent sounds of applaud echo across the water as Sir Harry takes his bow.  Sounds of Silence.  How apropos.  

Suddenly, without warning, after his acceptance, and with crowd approval, Sir Harry launches into flight utilizing his perfected leg dangling routine that has always been a crowd pleaser.  Up, up and even further up he goes to the tallest tree on the mountain top, and with a loud, screaming shriek proclaims his position as the defender of The United States of America.

And, behind the stage there are those who seek free admittance by sneaking in through the darkness and cover provided by the tall hemlocks.  Anything for a free show.
I hope you enjoyed the performance.  It's not necessary to sneak in for the performance.  It's free every day.  Every day!  All you have to do is show up for it.   See ya.