Sunday, March 23, 2014


I just snapped this shot on the way to the river this morning early.
Of course a quick drive by the eagle's nest is in order -- just to check on them.
Everything is fine and dad is out hunting while mom stays with the babies.  I might add here that my big 500 mm lens arrived from the repair facility two days ago and I quickly attached it to the camera for a try out and discovered that it was in no better working order than the day I shipped it off.  It's as if nothing at all had been done to it.  I can't imagine why or how anyone could box that lens up and mail it back to me with the knowledge that it is not repaired.  That tells me they don't care about anything but the money.  It's the sign of the times.  If it breaks - may as well toss it out in the back yard and get a new one because technical ability in this country has been trashed.  I won't get started on that.
I finally got some fair shots of the dog that I initially called a coy dog and later devil dog a few weeks back.  I see him occasionally in the same area of woods that borders my route to the river.  These shots show a beautiful black German police dog, according to a good friend who is knowledgeable in such things and I have to agree on his assessment .  My friend also made another observation I had overlooked.  He stated that the dog appeared not to be thin or have any indications of hardships and that he may just be travelling around his territory on a daily basis, in short - making his rounds.  I hadn't thought of that.  The fact he has no collar, and hasn't had one for weeks, indicated to me that he was lost, tossed out or a runaway.  I figure that surely in that time any owner concerned about him would surely attached a collar to him. A collar is any dog's lifeline.   I've decided to hold off trying to pick him up and just monitor the situation.  He's gorgeous and solid, shiny black but where does he belong?
All of the above was the day before yesterday.  Yesterday found me at work on Douglas Lake and the fishermen were so numerous I couldn't even drive the truck through the boat ramp parking lot let alone park.  I had to keep driving back and forth on the main road and turn into the lot when a boat pulled out of the water.  Then I would check his fish and interview him.  It was a mess.  They take their fishing seriously over here.

 These pictures show how crowded the parking area was at the Leadvale ramp.  The runway extends farther out to the river section of the lake and cars, trucks with trailers were parked on both sides of the roadway.  If I ran into a truck coming out of there, I'd have to back up 500 yards to let him by.  It's nuts.  This situation is temporary as these anglers are fishing for the crappie, sauger and walleye which are concentrated on this end of the lake and these species are highly active this time of year.
I did what I could and called it quits a few hours early.  Trying to set the truck up to weigh fish in this mess wasn't working and I couldn't put the boat in the water and drive upstream to this point due to shallow shoals.  It was turning out to be a dog day.
Speaking of which-
I thought there was enough light left in the afternoon to take the dogs out for a much needed bit of exercise and headed up to the wildlife management area a Buffalo Springs.  I know I said I'd never take them back there but I have no choice.  It's the only game in town.
The first shot above shows the picnic area which is located down near the fish hatchery.  This area is kept very neat and has an antique flavor to it.  I enjoy hanging around there.  However, it is a deception to think the rustic feeling is extended to the rest of the place.  Remember the devastation that occurred when all the trees were removed to create something called a Savannah.  I still don't get it.  Savannah is a project I don't quite understand but it required the removal of old oaks, poplars and many, many great pines in order to create it.  So far all I see is muddy bare fields. That's what we need around here.  More fields.
 I mean, look at that mess!
It all has something to do with bird hunting I hear.  I'm not sure.  But it's a hell of a price to pay to feed a few quail.  This was a gorgeous forested area that was a joy to wander through.  Mud is in I guess.  

The dogs were having a great time and that's what these couple hours is about.
 And then the fearless Chestnut Hound started baying and sent a hapless critter up a tree.  I rushed to see what monstrous creature the brave hound treed.  It was a cat - a rather large cat I might add.  You can see the cat in the tree in the above shot also.
The girls came to me at once and the cat was left to his own devices.  Bet he stayed up there a long time with these vicious dogs on hand out there somewhere in the darkness.
 Shade's wound has healed nicely and the stitches come out tomorrow morning so I saw no reason not to allow her some joy in the cold water and she took advantage of it.  This dog loves to lay or sit in the water.

 This is the prettiest stream with vivid green water grass growing it's full length.  I wish it were located in some other out of the way place.  The dogs love it and it is a pleasure to be here if for only a brief visit.

The time came to leave and we all piled into the truck.  It was only then that I smelled the dead fish.  Not again!  I can't believe this.  The workers around here have the terrible habit of throwing bushels of dead fish out just about anywhere, instead of burying them.  These dogs found a pile of "almost decomposed" fish and rolled in them.  This burns me up!  To throw dead fish out anywhere is the mark of laziness and disrespect to anyone else who might care to walk through this land.  It is a public place.  Dig a damn hole, deposit the dead fish and cover it up.  Problem ended.  Lazy, lazy, illiterate and uncaring.  What other opinion can be derived from this situation?  I've reported this and it still is ongoing and that's why I try to avoid coming here with the dogs.  I've been here three times and the dogs rolled in dead fish three times.  

When I got home I had to wash three dogs, myself and take the truck to get it power-washed inside.  All that because of lazy, slovenly, uncaring employees.  No, I'm not that angry about it.  I am very, very disappointed that I have coworkers with that mentality.