Saturday, March 29, 2014


The shrill howl of the wolf in the night causes brave men to suddenly turn their heads toward the cabin door and place the thick wooden bar across the cradles in the frame to insure safety within.  "Katie, bar the door please".

This wolf dog resides down by the river near Indian Cave and "she" isn't the wolf in the night I made her out to be.  I know her owners and they assure me that humming birds can alight safely between her ears and will be welcomed.
 Actually, this is the reason for the interest in the wolf dog.  She had puppies a few days ago and there were 9 of these little imps out in the yard but, mom hid them when I came around back with the camera.  Only this one little guy remained for me to photograph.

 I wanted to mention here that if any readers out there know of anyone who would be willing to give one of these pups a home - have them leave a comment on the blog under this entry.  There are 9 of them as I understand it and unless they find homes their prognosis for survival is not very high.  It isn't their fault they were born but, they were.  Please keep them on top your minds as you travel through your days just in case you find someone who is looking for a canine friend.  These dogs are going to be about German Police Dog size and the parents are baby dolls so the kids will have a good disposition.
This beautiful animal is good at staring me down.  She won't take her eyes off mine and she seems to be able to see clear through my heart and into my soul.  What a dynamic animal!  One can't help but know that there's a lot more going on between those canine ears than meets the eye.
She has an almost evil look to her but, its just how she is projecting at the moment.  She's beautiful and yes, she has a chain.  I don't like that either but there is only one end without it.
 What a dynamic face.  Spectacular!

 If I had a farm I'd have this girl's pups running free and they'd stay in the house with me too.   Don't know if I'd keep any sheep on the place though.  I'll get more photos of the puppies tomorrow or the next day. 
I had to pass by the bald eagle tree and of course I took a couple shots to document the moment.
I mentioned this before but, look at the dark yellow on this eagles head.  She's been struggling with some prey in the mud along the river.  It could have been a large fish she caught or even some 4 legged prey, but she definitely got in the mud.  It will wash off.

This is the first day of turkey hunting here in Tennessee and I thought it was interesting to see turkeys all over the place and no hunters around.  Actually, there is so much private property over here in this area that no one is allowed to hunt on it and the turkeys are sort of on a nature preserve.  Interesting.

I saw this cozy little Cape Cod sitting up on a hill beside the river and I thought about calling about it.  It's classy digs for sure.
 This is all I need and its right on the river too.  I got first dibs on it if I want.
It seems I can photograph a different old building every day I go out.  They are everywhere and I often wonder if the property owners keep them because they are reluctant to let loose of the past and hold those earlier life memories close to heart through the existence of the old familiar house or barn down by the river or out in the back 40.  I like to romanticize, as you can see.

 I guess a fella could tear them down and use the wood to make book shelves, old chairs, fireplace mantles and other antique appliances, but I bet the memories locked up in these old buildings are more precious to the folks who own them than all the monetary value the wood has to offer.
And yes - past times are worth hanging on to, for in the end, they are the real and only treasures that will settle the troubled mind in times of stress when our country faces  perilous times do to the tomfoolery of lackluster leaders who are walking her on a slippery slope.