Sunday, March 30, 2014


I stopped at a store to buy a bottle of aspirin and when I came back out he was standing there as if he was waiting for only me.  
His face showed excitement and relief at the same time and he acted so happy to see me and I walked past him to the truck and opened the door.  I looked back at him and that face melted my heart.  I knelt down on one knee and he came right over to me. 
He seemed so happy to be with me even while he was starving.  He was very thin.
Then he just extended his paw to me.  That did it.
Notice that his toe nails are cut.  I really think he's a run away as it seems like some cared for him enough to cut his toe nails and train him to give his paw.  He is very young.  Look how clean and white his teeth are.  I got the bag of dog feed I carry for strays and fed him.   I sneaked back to the truck while he had his back to me.  How cowardly an act!  I'd love to take him but I absolutely can not afford to pick them up every week.  The vet bills will break me up and every dog needs vetted.  I turned for a last look.
He stopped eating and stared at me.  The happiness was gone from his face and a look of disappointment replaced the glow that was there a moment ago.  He seemed to understand that his dream of finding his place would not happen today and he watched in earnest as I pulled away.
He wanted to go with me so badly.  His eyes pleaded for me to take him.  I was tormented the entire afternoon over him.  I almost went back for him twice during the day.  I'm actually thinking of leaving even now to try and find him.  Where is he sleeping tonight and where will he find food in the morning?  I'll be back up there in the morning and if I see him along the road I doubt I'll be able to pass him by.  Not this time.  If I were on a boat on the lake I wouldn't run into these homeless dogs that tear at my heart but half my duties are driving the truck this summer.  I can maybe close my eyes to them but I just can't close my heart to them.  And, money's the issue.

My mind was deterred temporarily from the dog when I discovered  this little jewel.  Wow!  It's the real McCoy.  That place is me!

I drove past the bald eagles and the male was hanging on a limb above the nest.  I saw both eagles earlier in the day so all is well.  This guy must be fishing close to the mud because his head plumage is all mud yellow.

And last but not least while organizing my paperwork in the truck - a black vulture landed in a tree beside the truck and asked me to photograph him.  Isn't he beautiful?

The weather is to be in the seventies tomorrow and none too soon.  I can't wait.  If I wrap up work on time tomorrow morning I think I'll run on down to Douglas Lake to see if I can find some eagles.  See you then I hope.