Monday, March 17, 2014


I was back on the Cherokee tail-race this afternoon and did a run past the eagle nest to make sure everything was as it should be.
Oops!  Wrong eagle, I mean bird.
Ahh, this is better.
This is wonderful to see.  The adult female is standing on the edge of the nest, leaning down and feeding her babies.  They must be getting rather large for her to do this at feeding time.  And, I mentioned this a long time ago someplace on the blog, but the orange or bright yellow marks you may see on the white markings of the bird is lake mud.  You have to remember where these birds live - poor things.

 I wish I had a bit more altitude for better photography but, this is as good as it gets.  I'll take it.  The babies will be growing like wildfire and soon will be making their debut.  

If I were on a more level plain with the top of the nest I could probably get pictures of the babies now.  Not the case however.  No sense getting impatient.
 I believe she has a fish in the nest that she is tearing pieces from.  She puts her head down into the nest to her left and feeds that baby and then tears a new piece of meat off the fish and feeds the other one.  She's a good mom.  Eventually, the two babies will be as large as the two adults and all will be spending more time on the edge of the nest or out on the tree limbs as things will get cramped in the nest..  That's when photography will be good.

By the way, the black coy-dog I mentioned last week turned out to be a solid black dog.  I got a really close look at him today and I even tried to tempt him to the truck.  he would have none of it.  What a pretty dog but obviously abused and turned out.
He remains elusive and always stays behind brush.  This is a young dog and is really frightened around humans.  Its a shame he has been thrown away.
There was a black fly hatch at Nance Ferry on the tail-race this afternoon and the trout were responding to them in earnest.  Trout were rising all across the river non stop.  I was there for an hour early in the afternoon and the hatch was happening.  I left and returned in three hours and the fish were still gobbling up the black flies.  See below:
 That is called the "ring of the rise".
And lastly, you'll remember I was griping about the county putting florescent yellow bands around every telephone pole on the Owl Hole Gap Road to prevent accidents.  Look below:
Note the yellow band on the telephone pole in front of idiot #1.  This was a head on crash.  The van, idiot #2, is about totaled.  What do ya want to bet someone was engrossed in their I phone?  I guarantee it.  I saw the damn thing laying on the road by the red van.  Every week there's one on this road.  The thing is that the road is perfection.  It's smooth and the lines are bright.  Oh well!