Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I believe the worse is over and Shade is mending and should be back to normal soon.  That drain tube is terrible to look at but seems not to bother Shade too much.  I believe it is starting to itch her as she is trying to scratch it with her rear foot and lick it too.  I have to prevent all of that until Friday when she gets the tube extracted.  I can hear her trying to lick it at night and am here to prevent that.  It makes for a long night as I will not put her into that lamp shade thingy that vets like to put over their heads to prevent licking.  Not at night.  She actually sleeps soundly but I wake up occasionally to check on her.   She sleeps right in front of me on the bed, head on her half of the pillow, since the injury.  I don't mind a bit.
I do worry about that darned tube when I go to work and as much as I hate to do it, I put the lamp shade thingy over her head.  Its for her own good.  I do rush straight home as soon as I'm done at work to get her free of it..
Ah, she looks so pathetic.  Only while I'm at work and only until Friday morning, thank heaven.
The stitches won't come out Friday - only the drain tube but, at least this lamp shade thing will be gone.  She had a terrible, deep wound that penetrated to her ribs.  A bit deeper and it would have reached her lung.  I've scoured the property and can't find the offending rod or cut off bush.  I have a hunch that she came down on top of a cut off shrub or sapling that the neighbor cut down.  He's been in the wood lot that divides our properties cutting away.  Wonder why people have to do that.  If he cut a bush on an angle - a sharp beveled point would result.  Its hard to tell.  If I have to I'll surround this entire property with six foot high chicken wire fence with a gate on the lane and plant vines over every inch of the fence.
I'll keep you informed about Shade but, if we can get to Friday without any problems with that drain tube I think we will be alright.  Then its just heal up and get rid of the stitches and head to the lake for a swim, or maybe a camp out.  And, thanks to everyone who has sent best wishes to Shade and prayers too. I say she's out of the dark but, she has suffered a terrible laceration that could have killed her.  I couldn't determine the depth of the cut.  I have the best vet in the world and am so thankful she is caring for my girls.  As long as the drainage tube stays put - I think we'll be fine.  Fingers crossed.