Monday, March 10, 2014


Some of you may not know of Shade's injury last Saturday afternoon.  She came running to me while playing ball and I noticed a small red mark behind her right front leg down low on her rib cage.  Close inspection indicated a laceration that was through all layers of flesh and fat.  It was on a Saturday afternoon and the vets were all closed so I thought I'd just wait until Monday morning.  I don't know what I was thinking to do that.  I guess the cost of emergency treatment was on my mind to be honest about it as well as driving clear to my vet 40 minutes away on a Saturday. The other option was using a local vet over here where I live.  I opted to wait and see my vet today, Monday morning.   It was the most foolish action I could have taken and put Shade in a dangerous situation--waiting till Monday.  I had applied Vetericyn and a stretch bandage, all bought from Tractor Supply.  Vetericyn is a good anti germ med.  
 I changed the gauze dressing on Sunday morning and the wound looked really nasty.  It was then I felt really dumb for not taking her in on Saturday.  I held her in my arms Sunday night on the bed and watched the clock all night.  I was worried.
We were heading west to Friendsville and my vet at 7 AM.  The office is open at 7:30 AM and the doctor was inspecting Shade's wound at 7:40 AM.  Great service and genuine concern.  The doctor gave me a sort of tongue lashing admonishing me for not calling and bringing her Saturday.  Furthermore, enough time had lapsed since the wound that the blood vessels were healing faster than the wound. This meant that the vessels would not be carrying blood to the damaged flesh which would normally take longer to heal.  The doctor will actually have to cut the damaged area larger to allow the blood vessels to carry blood to the cut while the stitches hold the mess together.  I felt really bad.  I had to leave Shade for the day while I drove back East to carry out my job responsibilities.  I was told they may have to keep her until tomorrow.  
My phone rang at 4:30 PM and they said to come and get her.  Great news!  I changed trucks and blasted back to Friendsville.  Shade appeared out of the examination room with a lamp shade affair over her head to prevent her from licking the sutures.  The doc had to insert a drain tube into the wound to drain any fluid that may form.  The wound reached almost past Shade's ribs which is so dangerous!  That would put the damaged area very close to her lungs.  I had no idea how serious this was.   I've not a clue how she got that wound.  It's as if a rod had punctured her somehow.  I'll walk the property tomorrow in the daylight.  Something has to be sticking out of the ground back in the woods.

So, now I have her home with her drain tubes sticking out and I'm to keep the lamp shade on her neck to prevent her from pulling out the tubes.  So far she has let them alone.  I'll have to put the cone thing back on her head tomorrow when I go to work, or tonight if I hear her licking her stitches.  She won't fit through the dog door so I'll have to take her outside morning, noon and evening.  The tube should be removed this coming Friday and the stitches will come out on the 24th.  And, that's the story on that.  My pocketbook is $300 lighter over this and I guess I'll not be buying any lawn mower this week.  Oh well.  Maybe I'll rent a goat or two.
 You think I'm kidding?
A quick check on mom bald eagle shows her still on the nest and I know she has a couple kids under her wing in there.  She hasn't moved from that nest in days and days.
Its going to be fun to photograph her kids especially if I get the 500 mm lens back in time.
And finally - nature is indeed a cruel mistress at times.  A dead baby calf fallen prey to coyotes or coy dogs, or maybe just wild dogs.  Those critters are moving into this particular area in great numbers and some of them are of an impressive size.  Its all about survival and the new born are ill equipped.  Seems the new born calves around this river attract the attention of predators more-so than most other places.
Gotta take Shade outside now and then its to bed.  I'm whipped for some reason.