Thursday, April 10, 2014


This was the most beautiful morning of the entire year and Shade was yearning to go with me..  I decided to take her to Panther Creek State Park out along Cherokee Lake.  We pulled in to the boat parking lot which is sort of obscure, and headed down a trail.
 I was instantly disappointed in the trails over here in this park.  It looks like they're made for golf carts.  Wide and smooth.  We got off the trail and cut through the woods.
We gradually edged down to the water and she couldn't resist getting in to cool off.

Of course, she had to roll in the - dirt - to dry off.  Any normal lake would have grass surrounding it.  I was getting disappointed with the experience but Shade was having a great time so I tolerated it.  She's a muddy mess just like every time I take her to either of these two sorry excuses for lakes, but it's all we have over here.
Just then, four bicycles with two adults and two kids noisily pass by screaming and laughing loudly and cackling non stop.  I had to hold Shade by the collar to make sure she didn't give chase.  I doubt she would but I didn't take the chance.  She is not what one would think of as a well adjusted, social dog.  She's my dog - a one man's dog and she listens to me, but influenced by noisy people to some degree.
 I keep trying to find some beauty in all this desolation and dirt but I just can't.  Even when I almost succeed in finding a tiny bit of pretty;  something messes it up.
 We somehow came through the woods and onto the four lane highway trail and hurried back off it again and walked along the edge of the desolation and the woods in hopes of finding some tranquility, beauty and peace.
Nothing doing.  A guy with a brute of a black rottweiler came toward us on the dirt shoreline and I got Shade back up on the trail.
I found a narrow trail named Deer Trail (how original) and we walked it for a short distance.  I photographed a duck and two geese and was about at the end of my patience with this place.

Yep - sleeping
We paused in a pretty spot on the trail and no sooner did I sit down, voices could be heard coming from far down the trail. 

There are no class A outdoor experiences to be had over here.  It's all farm meadows, bad shorelines and rocky or muddy lakes and not even a place to enjoy a challenging hike and nothing that even resembles forest anywhere.  I hate to cut Shade's morning short but I can't deal with this anymore today.  As it worked out I stayed home in the yard on this fantastic afternoon.  There isn't anywhere to go within 60 miles of home.  This situation is causing me to think about where I live more and more.  Anyway, it will work out.  I'm heading for the Holston River with the Gheenoe tomorrow.