Sunday, April 13, 2014


A proud mother stands watch over her young as they slowly introduce themselves to the world outside the nest for the first time.
I did the best I could with the camera as, you guessed it, back light.  There is nowhere I can move to in order to avoid the direct sun.  If this were on water I could maneuver around for optimum lighting.  Oh well.  Here they are.

They were turning their heads at different angles and I hoped it would show in the photos.  It will be awhile before they venture out onto the limbs or stand on the edge of the nest.  Maybe three more weeks before they get nervy.  

Mom sounded a quick chirp and jumped down into the nest with the kids.  All I could see was her head above the edge of the nest.  I bet she had her wings spread across the nest opening covering them from the sun.

I'll check on them tomorrow but will wait until late in the afternoon to take the pictures.  Maybe the sun and sky won't be as offending at that time.  See ya then.