Thursday, April 3, 2014


The clap of thunder shook the house and staccato flashes of lightning that followed ensured that any chances of further sleep were lost.  I stretched my arms out to the sides and upward emitting an audible groan.  A quick check of the wristwatch indicated it was 6 AM.  Darned - slept in.  Chestnut hound lay somewhere between my back and the bedroom wall while Happy was tucked in under the covers to my front with her little muzzle and face hidden under the edge of the pillow while Shade was on her baby mattress above me panting hard, afraid of the storm that was raging.

I pushed the covers down and made my way over Happy as I slid off the mattress that my friend Kevin gave me.  Actually, he gave me all the sheets on the bed too.  I appreciate that more than he will ever know.  I slid my feet into the slippers that my friend Craig gave me and made my way down the steps toward the kitchen with my shadow, Happy following.  It was coffee time for sure.  The rain was and is still pouring down as I write this excellent essay.  I reached for the coffee and measured out the proper amount into the little coffee filter and put the assembly into the coffee maker that an old friend, Donna gave me.  That was a nice gesture on her part and I appreciate that gift more than I can say.  Of course the maker broke down and I simply boil water on the stove and pour it into the filter over the coffee and it filters into the coffee carafe below just as if the coffee maker still worked.

Ah, the smell of hot, fresh coffee early on a rainy morning!  The girls are slowly gathering around and I know they want their treats.  I'll be extra special to them this morning.  Shade and Happy will each be given one of Doctor Foster's low fat biscuits that Janet sent me for Christmas and I think I'll give Chestnut Hound one of the peanut butter cookies that Anne sent us as a Christmas present.  Well, looks like everyone is set now.  All that rain, thunder and lightning is compelling me to head out onto the porch.  
Oh, I forgot to get the kindle that Janet gave me this summer when she visited.  With kindle and coffee in hand, I exit stage left to the porch and stopped to breath deeply as the air was fresh and moist while lightning flickered over the trees and bushes to my front providing only enough illumination to allow me to guess which bush or shrub I was looking at. 
 I sat down in the rocking chair that another good friend, Tom bought me and slowly rocked back,  guarding against catching any errant tails that might be laid haphazardly under a rocker.  It was time to get a shower and I headed inside after an hour of no people, no cars, no chain saws, no quad engines, no lawn mowers, no traffic or car sounds - only the light from the house 600 feet away could be seen and I'll have that blocked out with shrubs and fast growing pines very soon. 
 I stopped in the kitchen and grabbed a yogurt out of the frig that my good friend James gave me  on the way back upstairs to get a shower.  I suddenly wonder why I'm always strapped for money.  I don't really buy anything much anymore.  I'll ponder on that awhile.